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  • My advice is to first download one of the themes available on this site. This will allow you to see how all of the different pieces of artwork need to be named and how all the art/audio files should be organised. It's then a case of creating the art…
  • Hmmm, I'm not at all sure what's going wrong here. I can only suggest you try re-downloading the zip file again.
  • Yeah, it takes a little bit of tinkering though. In the main options, go to themes and select edit theme. You then need to manually go to each of the Systems/Games/Game Info tabs separ…
  • There isn't currently any way to alter the toolbar location other than what you have already discovered and described. As best we know the developer is regrettably not actively devel…
  • Can you get the games to be recognised and run within retroarch natively.
  • Ha, glad I could help. I nearly didn't mention it because I was worried it would come off as patronising. Version 1.1 with a few extra systems supported and other nips and tucks coming…
  • I don't know if you are using a pad to navigate, but you can set buttons which allow you to skip by first letter if you do. Makes getting through the big lists a breeze.
  • https://digdr…
  • This was an early theme of mine and looking back at it now you're about right, they are bland. I've since done a spiritual sequel to this called ReUnified you could try which I think h…
  • Try enabling merged games in the system options under view.
  • If using Chrome on your phone, try enabling the check box for request desktop site in the options.
  • Yeah I tried to cheat to make something that looked similar but this is far superior, nice one.
  • Anybody can use any part of it they want, any way they like. I made it for myself but I'm happy for everybody to enjoy it however they like. There will inevitability be tweaks to it be…
  • I think this would be a great addition too but sadly it seems the developer isn't actively working on DIG right now. Hopefully soon.
  • If there's an easy way to do this I'd love to know too.
  • Chalotron approves of these icons. 👍
  • Go on Mahare, only a few more to complete the set.
  • As far as I'm aware there isn't currently any way to do this. Not within the normal options that I've found anyway.
  • This tends to be a problem using Chrome on mobile. Can usually be resolved by checking the options box for request desktop site.
  • Both are pretty much as demanding as dreamcast stuff using Reicast. If your dreamcast stuff works then you should be ok.
  • Dolphin Blue is arguably the stand out game for the system.
  • If you could do the Atomiswave board like the Naomi one then I'd be a happy man. Thanks Mahare for all these. They all look awesome.
  • Defo needs polishing.
  • A few more. https…
  • Here's another effort for you to weave your pixely magic on.
  • Is that black rectangle in the middle of the PCFX icon intentional?
  • All of these are looking great Mahare. Only a few more systems to go.
  • Great call on the Naomi board, it looks cool. Is there an equivalent board standard for the Atomiswave?