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  • I don't notice any issues after the update. I'm using my Mini-Mix theme.
  • Awesome to see Dig is still being worked on. We hadn't seen an update for a while so I was starting to worry. I hope this means that we might see some of the bugs listed in the bug reports section sorted soon as well then.
  • Just tested this theme and it downloaded fine. Try downloading via a different browser. Definitely works via Chrome.
    in RetroBox® Comment by chalotron May 1
  • I've never used this theme in portrait mode but I suspect if you tinker around with the icon resize option you should be able to get them to fit again. Hit the three lines button, sele…
  • I expect you are trying to have DiG download covers for an entire romset all at once. Going into the game info screen will jump the game you are looking at to the front of the download…
  • There are a number of things that could be causing this problem. In my experience the images/romfiles distributed in 7z format most commonly have multiple variations of the same game in the bundle, if there are multiple files in the 7z files then DI…
    in Bug Report Comment by chalotron April 24
  • Currently Citra and duckstation don't allow direct game launching via DIG, I think the dev said that the author's of those emulators would have to modify them to allow for direct game launching.
  • Additionally, you might want to check if you have it setup to display screenshots or box art via the three dot drop down option and select view.
  • There is typically a spanner icon at the top when DiG is scraping for new roms. The meta data will be present almost immediately but the cover art can take…
  • Good luck. I actually started a theme based on the original X360 blades UI but i couldn't get it to work quite how I wanted so I abandoned it.
  • The third and hopefully last revision of the background art for the Dreamcast mini this time based off of the consoles original menu.…
  • Some new arcade mini consoles all based off their respective game collection menu's.…
  • This theme is great but incomplete so it's time for another unofficial Chalotron repack. This repack boosts the number of supported systems to around 115, adds a new game select screen designed to be used with the new preview pane feature, a new gam…
    in Comic Book Comment by chalotron March 14
  • It's been requested. You could add it manually by cloning Sega Naomi which carries over the flycast emulator core settings. Alternatively, most all of the Atomiswave library has been converted t…
    in ATOMISWAVE Comment by chalotron March 13
  • I'm not actually sure, I remember the developer mentioning once that DIG automatically compresses cover and screenshot images that it scrapes but I don't know if that extends to artwor…
  • Go to main options / themes / edit themes. Go to Games tab, select cover background and move the transparency slider all the way to the right.
  • Just tried it and it worked fine for me. Are you downloading via a browser or via DIG's theme installer?
  • I've never encountered the Nintendo Vs. system before, I remember playing the Playchoice when I visited the states in the late eighties and it was my first introduction to NES games. T…
  • No problem, I have a full set of these style icons already made up.
    in Arcade v2 Comment by chalotron March 5
  • This is the link to my unofficial repack which contains art for the full set of systems.
    in Arkade 720 Comment by chalotron March 5
    in Arcade v2 Comment by chalotron March 4
  • You can force the aspect ratio to 16.9 within the theme tab of the main options screen so it will display the full screen again but will have small black bars at the sides instead. I'd…
  • I've thought about this and I realise should probably have the US version as the default and the Euro version as the alt files but as a true blue Brit I simply can't bring myself to ca…
  • You need to make sure that it is named gc.png before dropping it into the folder where the other themes' system icons are located.
  • Try this.