Clone System Cover Support Broken since last Version

Hello, I am a heavy user of your program and did a lot of my own themes for it (posted to youtube). I am now using it on a few different devices and encountered a big bug with the latest version on my Retroid Pocket 2+, which runs Android 9.

After the update all my covers for Custom Systems were missing. If I go to the info screen they are still there, but no redownload of a cover, recovering files or even using another filepath brings them back. Clone Systems just stay with empty covers in the coverflow.

To make it short, I tried:

  • using another path to image files
  • wiping a folder and redownloading images
  • overwriting files with a backup of the covers

All of them have the exact same result. Covers only show in Non-Clone Systems and IN the Game Info Screen 😨(same for screenshots!)


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