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  • I'm not a great youtuber, blogger or journalist, but i have a youtube channel where i would talk about Dig and your hard team work, if you agree. I talk very often of you and your app with friends, groups and forum. Very often after university work we Play games on smartphone with a mini gamepads in the cafè and we choose games through your frontend. I love It.

  • Hi Wilson, how are you? I was searching about Raspberry Pi and emulation systems and found this video, showing a Frontend that works exclusively with Sega Games and does the save/load without need to mess with Retroarch!!! It's called Blast 16 and I think it's just for Raspberry Pi and Linux. Take a look!!! I'll try to make one theme based on this Frontend to use on DIG. Coming soon ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Hello again.

    This is not exactly what you asked for in this post, but I share it in case it is of interest to you.

    When I first saw Dig I loved its logo and main menu. So retro, so simple! Great. But then I saw that there is no visual consistency in the rest of the application (I don't hate its icons :), only that I don't fit with the rest of the design).

    I thought about how you could get a consistent visual style. And this is what I came up with:

    - Without breaking the design of your logo, give it some more detail. I made it 3D. This allows me to think of new ideas for the rest of the application (attached image). I think it looks more modern but without abandoning the retro style.

    - Make the icons in pixel... but in 3D! This would take time, but it can be done (add an example, note that it is not final, only a sketch).

    I'm sharing it with you to hear your opinion. If you don't like this suggestion, no problem! I will abandon this idea.

    And if you like this suggestion, great!! I will try to make a suggestion of how I imagine all the screens of your application. What if after you don't like it?... no problem! :) I will continue to enjoy DIG.

    Of course, I don't ask for commitment on your part. This I do because I would like to encourage you to continue with the development of DIG. I know it's your project :) I'm just trying to encourage it.


  • DigDig
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    I like it a lot! It's a great way to combine the old with the new. I'd like to make your ideas implementable in a theme, meaning I'll make the additions necessary to make your layouts possible, and you can add your artwork and upload the theme for others to download.

    As for the logo, do you want to work on it more or can I use it now? You will be credited of course,

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  • I'm glad you like it. And that you want to include it in DIG. :)

    Let's get to work! :) This weekend I will work on the logo and send it to you. On the edges, the brightness was a little weird.

    I will continue working on these designs. I hope to have something to show soon. And if I have another suggestion I will let you know.

    Thank you very much.

  • A theme based on this would be great. I liked it a lot.

    And with the DIG update, we can easily share them! Well, I'm waiting for your theme.

    Thank you!

    I saw the save system and "open retroarch." We hope to see it in DIG :)

  • I've finished the SNES and Blast 16 themes. As oriented on the new update announcement, I've sent them to DIG developer to put on the new downloads section. Coming soon ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘

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    Here is the logo. I adjusted the brightness of the edges. I also adjusted the color, your logo was brighter than my test. If you want some modification, I will make it happy.

    Feel free to modify it if you want. The logo is yours.

    And if you want to include me in the credits you can do it as Mimic Box. My website is mimicbox.es. That would make me happy :) But if you think it's not opportune, do not worry. Use the logo anyway.

    Thank you.

  • Thanks!! It will be used in the next update.

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    My theme seems to work, but for each permission, you need to manually adjust the theme, but I have all the rules.๐Ÿ˜Š


  • Looks amazing!!! You just done the same mistake I've done on the first release of my themes: not included some systems. Overall, is a great work, just need to include more systems. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thanks, I have already updated the theme, some systems in the Zoidian theme are not available, I'll have to draw it myself.๐Ÿ™‚

  • I know what was your intention making this theme, but did you realize that the Vertical games BG could be used as customizable BG for the whole theme, without the systems BG that it already has? You could use it to make a separate theme from the main theme from RetroPie!!! Take a look at the systems screen using list layout and Ruckage's icons:

    You could use other icons and replace the Retro Gamer logo with a system image or an iconic game image from the system!!! If that's a way to hide the system info from this layout, you could use the current icons you included for the systems without texts converting wrong places!!!

  • Hi, slowly redo the vertical theme, half the functions that I just did not know.

    And I didn’t know how to register them either, whether it is possible to register a separate template for the card for the game, and didn’t figure out how to create a template for the systems, for some reason the background comes from the general background.

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