Hey designers!

Some of you have offered help with the look and feel of Dig and now's the time! Instead of hardcoding changes to the look I'd like to give you the tools to create the themes of your dreams. So please tell me what you would like to see in the theme editor no matter how trivial or ambitious.



  • I love so much high custom possibility of Dig Front end. Despite this, It would be wonderful to add some Themes inspired from famous Front end like Enustation, Retropie, Recal box and Others. At Least, i don't know of It dipende from my smartphone or the app, but please speed up the start on boot.

    Thanks however.

    Now i will leave some customization of my Dig theme.

  • Hi, Daniel here. I would like to have an option to hide the top bar on systems and games menu, for better theme appearance, or just make the icons and texts transparent. Other must have feature is change icons position vertically. Here are some pics of my custom Snes theme:

    Configs menu

    Systems menu

    Games menu

  • Ah sorry, i replaced the icon of the app. I think is more endearing. I suggest to remake the icon design. In my opinion.

  • Hello, so, I've been looking for a good background since I saw this and it seems there are none that upload them somewhere, can I have your resources, kind sir?

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    I will add an option to hide the toolbar. I assume you would like to replace it with a custom icon toolbar as shown in your pictures? Shouldn't be too difficult. And you can now move the icons up and down using the resize control.

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    Very cool. Can you post some examples of the layouts you'd like to see?

  • Man, your SNES custom theme is awesome!

    Can you please upload it somewhere and post the link here for me to download it?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Thank you. Please don't misunderstand me, your work is very Well and i appreciate It. I can customize almost everithing. I suggest only some themes "out of box with, for exemple, animated background, more animated elements and various style artwork and picture frames

    . Paid too i would buy. I think this app is cool, my favourite frontend, but i think It can become more cool too. I leave some example taken from the web.

  • Hi!!! I did it by myself using an app called Pixlr and some png files found on Google. The icons I found on RetroPie forum, it's a theme made by Ruckage called SNES Classic Mini. Here is mine BG:

    And here is an Euro version:

    And there's a BG made out of Ruckage theme files too:

  • Hi!!! Please look for my previous post, my favorite BGs are there ๐Ÿ˜

  • For those who love SNK themes I've done this right now!!!

    With the icons, this is how it looks like:

    It's based on other Ruckage's theme called Neo Geo Mini for RetroPie. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜†

  • That's great!!! Before, the up and down buttons in resize control was just making icons bigger or smaller. Now, it changes the position like intended!!! Thank you ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Hello, I would like to make some suggestions. Would I be on time if I present them here next weekend?

    The current application is very good, that's why I bought it :), but I did a general analysis and I would like to share my notes.

    Thank you.

    P.S. How nice to see a lot of movement in the forum!

  • Hi dear developer, how are you? I've just realised this feature already exists on Kiosk Mode!!! It's great and it's exactly what I was looking for!!! Here are some pictures with the kiosk Mode enabled:

  • Here is my setup. I went simple. I'd like to have the titles under the sections on the main screen, but the padding between the title and the icon is too much and it doesnt look good. I'd also like to be able to make the font smaller so that more of the system names and game titles are readable.

  • Here in Brazil we have a quote that says "Sometimes less is more", and this is your case: simple but beautiful theme!!! Nice work!!! ๐Ÿ˜„

  • We have that saying in the US too, and I totally agree with it! Thank you for the compliment!! I can't take credit for the system icons, though. They were designed by an artist for a BigBox theme, I believe. I'll have to look up his name in the morning and give him proper credit.

  • Wow, can you link source for the icons? I'd really like some cool icons for my Dig. No pun intended.

  • I know you asked to subatomic09, but if you wanna use the icons I'm using, try this RetroPie theme icons!!! They are great!!!


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    First of all, congratulations on your work. Thank you very much for DIG!

    I put here a few suggestions that are not about the visual section, they are about usability.

    I also want to propose a design idea, but I preferred to separate the suggestions into two categories (usability and design) in order to explain myself better.

    My language is not English. Please, if something is not understood, let me know and I will try to explain it in another way.

    Next weekend I will try to share my design suggestion.

    Thank you again!

    Here are my usability suggestions:

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    One of a lot of things I love in this Frontend is the fact that the developer listen to our suggestions and try to make changes. Don't lose this philosophy dear developer!!! Other thing is the way it allows us to decide what will be displayed or not, and how to revert things. Wilson, you suggested some modifications, and let me talk about it too. About the main menu, I agree with you, but I prefer to hide it, starting straight to the systems menu. Is a good idea to keep both options, so who likes the menu could use it, and who doesn't like just jump into action. I do this removing everything in the Display options in main menu, leaving checked just the Systems box. For the DIGs menu, I agree with you too. I speak Portuguese, and that's the same problem you reported. To the menu between DIG and Retroarch, are you suggesting to put this menu before or after the game load? I ask this because I use some button combination that calls the Retroarch menu during the gameplay and it does all of this things you've suggest, but if are you asking to put this menu after the game load, this could be a great thing, because SNES Classic Mini uses something like this to manage the savestates or load an specific savestate to jump straight to action!!! They call it Suspend point list. Looks like this:

    If you wanna some help with Retroarch, I could help you. I'm just an user like you, but I know some tricks that could help other users, just call me. Congrats for the great ideas!!!

  • Thank you Daniel! I agree with what you say about the DIG developer :)

    For the menu between DIG and Retroarch, I suggest a combination of buttons just like to go to Retroarch. The idea is to not have to go to Retroarch.

    I mean, Retroarch I love it, but it has many options. If you know how to use it everything is fine, but if a friend comes home and I put DIG will be scared when he has to save a game :) And I hope he does not deconfigure anything! I also think about my nephews for example (they are 10 years old). For them, browsing through Retroarch is not very comfortable but they do understand DIG.

    In Retroarch I do not like his system of saving games. It only shows a number, but we do not know if there is a game saved there. That's why I added the date and time in my suggestion.

    On the other hand, I think DIG would feel more complete by not having to use two different interfaces when I play.

    But what you comment I like. If there are games saved, this menu could appear before the game with the "Load" button active. And if I open this menu from the game, the "Save" button will be active. If there are no games saved, you would directly execute the game without going through this menu. What do you think about this?

    I'll take the offer very seriously to ask you about Retroarch. Thank you!

  • Thanks for the suggestions! It all looks reasonable. I can add options to define the buttons to exit RetroArch and exit to RetroArch, but I'm not sure your load/save wishes are possible.

  • Hello, Thank you very much for responding to my suggestion of usability.

    Here is another suggestion, I hope you like. I'll still enjoy Dig. I'll still enjoy Dig.


    Thank you.

  • On second thought, I think it is possible, and I'm going to do that next!

  • Oooooh! I love you!! :)

    Just knowing you're going to try to do it is a joy. Thanks.

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