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  • Dirtybiscuits

    Hello! Using Dig on Shield tv. Great front end! Retroarch just added Play! core for android devices. When I go to launch a ps2 game, it will try to launch daemon which I do not have. Changed it to Play!, but it is saying I need to get it from the app store. How can I make it use the retroarch version instead? sorry for the noob question.

    July 11
  • SephirothX2004

    Hello DIG Developer.

    I have a feature i would like to request.

    Background layers.

    An upper and lower bg like a video for example for the lower bg and a png with transparency for the upper layer.

    If it cant be implemented then no big deal. It's just something i had an idea about and i thought it would be cool to share with you.

    June 26
    • Dig
      Well, background images and videos already exist as separate layers with only one enabled at a time. It wouldn't take much to enable both at the same time...
    • SephirothX2004
      To get the desired effect i have to place the png file i want into the video file itself with a video editor. It looks good but having two enabled at the same time by having "transparent" areas within the png you could see the video behind it.

      Anyways just a suggestion. It's something i would like to see and would actually use in my themes but others may not even look at that feature.
    • Huntzman
      In regards to the "upper PNG", if you mean above everything as a foreground (including the carousel/grid of icons etc) then I would love this feature. To be able to essentially put a frame in front of everything, or a floating icon / info for each system would be pretty awesome!