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  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/comment/727#Comment_727 Soon there will be a preview panel that will show a screenshot, so yes, partially.
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/comment/715#Comment_715 No, sorry. Maybe someday.
  • There isn't a way currently to change this spacing explicitly. You can try changing the aspect ratio. For example putting square icons in a 2:1 box will make them seem farther apart. I can add wider (or maybe custom) aspect ratios if needed.
  • I'll think about the sliding backgrounds. Let me know about any another features you'd like to have. As for the vertical view changing backgrounds, it seems to work for me. Can you send me an example theme where it doesn't work?
    in Backgrounds Comment by Dig August 7
  • If the files are in Android/data/com.digdroid.alman/files on any device Dig has full permissions. If they are anywhere else on the device Dig may or may not have write permission depending on the device and version of Android.
  • Weird that it's not showing a path. What paths are in the ROM paths list?
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/183/couldnt-delete-this-file I don't know what permissions Dig would have on a rooted device; I don't have one to test it. For all of you, what version of Android do you have and where is the file located (devi…
  • That's the way it's supposed to work. I had envisioned that it would be configured once for each page type and left that way. If you want to be able to open and close it without affecting the rest of the design I'll have to think about that.
  • I can't seem to find it in the Play Store or an official site. If I don't get around to finding it you can use this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sk.styk.martin.apkanalyzer&hl=en
    in Add emulator Comment by Dig August 3
  • That's weird. Check it in the edit emulators dialog. It should have these parameters: name="ClassicBoy" package="com.portableandroid.classicboyLite" class="com.portableandroid.classicboy.EntryActivity" takes_zip="false" core="" rom_key=""
  • I hope to release a bug fix beta in the next day or two. Can you elaborate on the toolbar issue?
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/182/where-did-my-games-go I'll look into the disappearing games problem, and gamebase. Mergerd game sets is premium feature but you can pick it as one of your free ones.
  • For mixed sets Options > ROM scanning > Merge game sets For single system sets Menu > View > Merged sets This assumes tou have purchased this feature (or you have chosen this as one of your free features, or are in the trial period) and that the…
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/comment/625#Comment_625 Off hand I don't know why this would happen. I'll look into it.
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/181/force-specific-systems-to-be-always-visible Dig is supposed to automatically detect devices being connected and scan them. On newer versions of Android this only works when Dig is running. Whatever the prob…
  • With today's update you can add a foreground image.
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/comment/611#Comment_611 The final version as opposed to the beta? A couple of weeks I'd guess.
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/comment/613#Comment_613 I forgot that the background color doesn't apply to system background images so it was my mistake not to mention it apples to videos. I would make it apply to images too now but that wou…
  • Is the background color for the systems page set to transparent?
  • Is the img extension recognized by real3doplayer? It's not in the list for the 4do core.
    in ISO/IMG Comment by Dig July 21
  • Currently cloning Android doesn't work because Android games are treated differently then every other system. I disabled to ability to create Android clones for now in the latest version.
  • Does that latest version fix the problem? I don't and don't plan to make previous versions available.
  • Do have the free or pay version of GBC.EMU?
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/74/auto-start-uae-configs-in-uae4arm Can you send me the .uae and game files of a game you're having trouble with?
  • It would make sense wouldn't it? The API doesn't make it easy so I waited until someone mentioned it...
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/12/how-do-i-fix-incorrectly-identified-games#latest To install themes download them from the Themes category then with "Intstall theme" browse to and select the downloaded file.
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/comment/518#Comment_518 The per system setting is View->Merged games in the system page menu. I'm looking into problems with upgrading.
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/comment/527#Comment_527 I uploaded another new beta with more error checking. I promise to resolve this one way or another.
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/comment/524#Comment_524 I just uploaded a new beta that that displays a message when there's a problem connecting to the billing service. Can you install it, and if you get the message let me know the error cod…
  • It sounds like there's some problem starting or connecting to the billing service. What kind of device and what version of Android do you have? Is your device rooted?