Beta version 1.35.3 released

edited May 2019 in Announcements

The toolbar type can be changed from the main menu panel, for each display type, to none, default, or icons (top or bottom). The folder containing icons must be set in the theme - there are no default icons. The icons should be named as follows (plus .png extensions). None are required - you can implement as many as you want.

back, home, mainmenu, voice, info, systems, genres, collections, faves, played, allgames, options, search, sort, random, pagemenu, mediapause, mediaplay, medianext

More will be added as needed or requested. "info" and "search" don't do anything yet.

Users can select which icons they want by long-touching one.

Also in this version some missing RetroArch cores added, and various other minor improvements and fixes.

PS Has anyone got Daphe for RetroArch working? I'd love to add it but I can't seem to figure it out.


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