SephX2K4: PlayStation Theme

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My attempt at a PlayStation inspired theme. Hope you like it.

Submitted by SephirothX2004

Download - 30.7MB


  • Very good SephirothX.

    Like the extra touches,like next to the systems is showing two games of that system,even though I I may not have those games on..its just part of theme I know but at first it makes you think "hey,why are those games showing when I havent got them" lol.

    On a personal note Ive been meaning to try another theme of my own for a while but sometimes you just cant get it the way you invision it,Im sure you know what I mean,and can be a lot of work sometimes lol.

  • One thing.

    For me,missing these systems:

    3DO,Atari 2600,Atari 7800,Atari Lynx,Sega 32x,Sega CD (Mega CD),Turbo Grafx16.

  • Glad you like it.

    The games next to the system thing i knew would possibly confuse people lol but they can replace them with whatever they want if they are savvy with PaintShop Pro or PhotoShop.

    I think i got the theme mostly looking and feeling the way i envisioned it as DIG is pretty versatile but does have its limitations.

    As for the missing systems I plan to add every single one but i'll try and do the ones you pointed out first.

  • Awesome. Look forward to the update. Just add all and update when you can. No point in updating twice.

    I can wait.😀

  • edited March 2020

    I have FINALLY finished my PlayStation Theme.

    It took ages to complete especially with work and other themes that i am currently doing as well.

    ALL systems are covered in this theme as well as a few extras such as FBA, SNES CD,

    WonderSwan B&W, WonderSwan Color, NeoGeo Arcade which are located in the System Icons folder within the zip.


  • It's not letting me download any of these amaIng packs on my phone. :(


  • If using Chrome on your phone, try enabling the check box for request desktop site in the options.

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