What are cloned systems?

If you have a system game collection categorized into folders and you would like Dig to present them that way instead of as a single system then cloned systems are for you. Some possible examples of splitting systems into categories: 

- Arcade into MAME and FB Alpha 

- NES into NES and and Famicom Disk System 

- MSX into MSX and MSX 2 

- Neo Geo Pocket into NGP and NGP color 

- any system into hacks and official releases 

To create a clone go to the systems page, long-touch the system you want to clone, and select “Create clone.” A new system will be created called “Clone of .” Long-touch it to rename it as desired. Enter the new system’s page, open the menu, select “Manage system” then “ROM paths” and add the folder(s) you want. 

A clone can have its own icon, its own emulator, and is just like a “real” system except its games can’t be automatically scanned for; their folders must be manually added as described above. 

When you delete a clone the folders assigned to it go back to the original system.


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