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  • Dev, can you help please...?. It seems a Dig bug.
  • Dev, can you help please...?
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/comment/1961#Comment_1961 Yes, the green padlocks means accessible / unlocked, although I have no idea what the activities are and means in Android programming terminology. Editing the emulator to use WXEntryAc…
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/uploads/180/43RA4A4E0TRH.jpg https://digdroid.com/forums/uploads/875/XUMJJ00DLRTY.jpg https://digdroid.com/forums/uploads/743/RY3R337TX65G.jpg https://digdroid.com/forums/uploads/146/CHNVDBMSNT8C.jpg https://digdroid.com/…
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/comment/1930#Comment_1930 And how do I "post" all the activities listed in APKAnalyzer?. I don't see any feature to export it or anything else. I purchased DamonPS2 Pro, I installed APKAnalyzer. And after APKA…
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/comment/1930#Comment_1930 Thanks for support dev. I could purchase DamonPS2 and follow your suggestion only and ONLY if someone could guarantee me that I can run a PS2 ISO using a tablet with 2 GB RAM. I just …
  • I answer myself: In order to run some systems in retroarch, the bios for those systems are needed. All bios files must be placed in "RetroArch\system" folder. In archive.org one can find a full bios set for retroarch. It works perfect. https://archi…
  • many thanks
  • Same problem here... Since March 2019 and the developer still did not add support for PS2 emulation?. What is going on here?. If I purchase an app I expect the app to do it's only job: show roms / ISOs and pass them properly to the emulator. Will th…