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  • Apologies, correction. They are chd files not zip. However, as I say they load fine directly in RetroArch 32 and from other front-ends. Thanks!
  • Hi I would also find being able to set the file extension to be very usesul. Not only to specify extensions not detected by Dig as the OP says, but also to limit scraping to to specific files. For example, being able to only detect .m3u files that p…
  • Hi Sorry this is very late! I missed your reply and forgot to check back. Pressing up at the time didn't do anything, but it seems to be fixed now. Might have been an update since. Resizing allows me to space out the rows so there is no overlap. How…
  • Thanks for this. Interestingly I fresh installed and restored from the 'bad' backup I sent you and all worked fine. So the issue does not seem to be related to the database. I also just updated to the latest release of Dig and all still working fi…
  • Thanks for the quick reply. I actually have the error now. This happened 2-3 weeks ago and I haven't done a fresh install since. I made a back up and will send it to you via PM (Not sure if there is any sensitive info, so not keen on attaching it he…