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  • Thanks, different color.…
  • A good awesome theme.
  • You can also use these covers
  • Good topic, but where did you find these beautiful videos with platforms ?, I'll try to make my own theme ;-)
  • Update Theme
  • I took pictures of the systems from the theme for Recalbox, but there is no NDS, I will draw everything myself, but it will take more time, wait for the theme to be updated
  • New Screenshots :-)…
  • Download, go to Dig, Themes tab - Install themes, select a theme from memory.
  • Is it possible to make this look?
  • This theme is more suitable for Android TV consoles with a gamepad, but I can redo this theme and add it separately, while in the process, I will add nds, but it takes time.
  • Please add Mega Drive, Pc Engine, Famicom, since I had famicom and mega drive in my childhood, these consoles are closer to me
  • Please share the PSD icon template, (first screenshot). I want to create my own covers for each game, exclusively for myself.
  • This is a very cool topic, I admire your imagination, are you a web designer? This is a new level, like a real console, a masterpiece. Drop another set of collection icons in the first screenshot (collection + genres), please.
  • I liked the theme, Please add PCE CD AND SEGA CD, PS1, PSP
  • Hi, I really liked the theme !!! I use it, add pce, pce cd, psp, sega mega cd, dreamcast, saturn, arcade, neogeo, n64, you can also make a background for information about the game)).
    in Arkade 720 Comment by allemiko June 2019
  • The idea is good, but you need to modify the background for the games.
    in Comic Book Comment by allemiko June 2019
  • Hi, slowly redo the vertical theme, half the functions that I just did not know. And I didn’t know how to register them either, whether it is possible to register a separate template for…
  • Original), download, try, thanks), under the wheel there were no options yet.
  • Thanks, I have already updated the theme, some systems in the Zoidian theme are not available, I'll have to draw it myself.
  • Cool theme)
    in Alekful NX Comment by allemiko June 2019
  • Cool theme =)
  • My theme seems to work, but for each permission, you need to manually adjust t…