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  • Hi I noticed that some of my roms for NDS are not showing up even after I manually add them via the rom paths option. Majority of them are in zip file format, but even still most of them are showing up but in my file browser on my phone says I have 666 files but only 519 are showing up in Dig. Any thoughts, solutions or advice? Any help would be appreciated. Would love to have all 666 games accessible through Dig ☹️

  • Any way to add multiple screenshots and box art?

  • i am trying to install a new theme. i have downloaded 3 different ones and none of them are installing. i get a failed to install message. i kept the theme in zip format. any help would be appreciated

  • Hello everyone. I use dig on smartphone (poco f3 ratio 20: 9) all the themes are cut :( after several tries I can't do it. Does anyone have a solution to adapt to the screen? or so how change themes. thank you for your help ...

  • Go into the main options, go to theme settings and set the aspect ratio to theme. Hopefully that should fix any cropping issues you are having.

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  • Will there be support for AetherXs2 ?

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