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  • I have one question. This app will use abusive ads or videos in the free version and what are the future plans for this? Thank you.

  • Just, thanks you. Your app is very great ;)

    I'll love a screenscraper french database.

    See you

  • The basic version will always be free and ad-free. It's possible users will be able to choose ads instead of paying for the premium version someday in the future.

  • It will require a change in the way I do things but I'll start to think about it.

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    It's nice to see I'm not the only French here !

    That's true, your app is pretty great. The last two updates surprised me in a good way.

  • Hello, great frontend, thanks for your work.

    There is one thing that I would like to know, in the grid games view, is there a way that you can not see the year, just the title of the game?

    Thank you

  • Not yet, but I'll put it on the to-do list.

  • Ok, thanks.

  • Awesome app! Happy to go premium and support a good dev.

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    Loving the app and very happy to go premium, you do indeed deserve some beer money. Just a quick query, I activated kiosk mode curious as to what changes it would bring but now I can't figure out how to return things back to normal. Please help.

    Figured it out. If anyone else has same problem. Touch swipe from the left side of the screen to drag across options panel.

  • Just wanted to thank you for the awesome app!

    It's simple, elegant and at the same time, really customizable. ☺️

    Keep up the great work 😁

  • Hi.

    Put in a few dozen ROMs across 20 or so systems and want to report what I was seeing. Not sure if this is something that I'm doing or just some quirks to be worked out.

    • Atari Lynx is being picked up as C64 for some reason. I resolved it by assigning the ROM path to Atari Lynx system, but just wanted to bring it up incase it was something fixable.
    • Game Gear is not picked up. When I add the ROM path to the Game Gear system, it does not seem to work. It displays the path in "Set game paths" but does not save it after clicking Done (and disappears if I try to select the checkbox to the left).
    • I can't find the platform for SuperGrafx at all. So I don't know where to try and add my ROM path to.

    Thank you!


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    Hi guy, how you doing? Sometimes the detection system doesn't recognize some file extension. I've done one test here: I didn't get any GameGear rom before. Downloaded one rom, uncompressed on my sdcard, closed DIG and opened again. It detected the .zip file and the .gg file. If your games aren't with .gg extension, try to rename it to get this extension.

    I've done the same test with a supergrafx game, the same occurred. The supergrafx games could be placed with TurboGrafx or PCEngine:

  • Greets all.

    Only been using Dig for a short while but finally got it all set up the way I want. Works great on my JXD S7800.. (Recently bought for a cheap price)

    But the whole themes thing is excellent.

    Im no artist but hope to see other people themes posted here.

  • The sudden change in Retroarch core name (Reicast to Flycast) wont allow me to load my Dreamcast games from DIG frontend on my nvidia shield tv, is there anyway to make "Flycast" discoverable to DIG?

  • The dev will prob be read this soon and add it to Dreamcast emulators.

    Or,perhaps request this in a more appropriate section.

  • For now you can edit the RetroArch (Reicast) emulator enty and change the RetroArch core to flycast_libretro_android.so

  • Hey peeps, could someone tell me why the names of my games have disappeared, all the systems and games are there but the names of them are not, any help would be appreciated thanks

  • I noticed this too and also doesnt show names of systems ..BUT only while Im making a new theme.

    My first one (still modifying it) it still shows both.

    At first I thought I missed something in settings and made sure all text were not transarent and white in color just to make sure,but nope...still doesnt show system texts or the text ubderneath that shows how many games for that system.

    Also doesnt sho the game text when you go onto that system.

    Unless I did actually miss something? But as I said,it still shows for already installed themes.

  • Actually I just checked and it seems I now only see that for my theme that Im currently still making.'Doesnt show those things in any theme,not even default ones. Also,I dont see the icon options where you can choose view as and configure..its on the home screen but not in systems or games screens.

  • Hi man, did you checked what kind of toolbar you are using? There's 4 options: default, none, top bar, bottom bar. If you set accidentally to none, you'll not see the button to change view. You could access it swiping from left on DIG Menu, Configure Toolbar.

  • When you all are trying to figure out how to show the texts, I'm trying to get a way to hide it in list view... 😅

  • Retroman, I've got it, and could be the solution for your problems too!!! On the Options, Themes, edit theme, Games options, Main Text Color. Set it to not be translucent. For me is the opposite way.

    What I'm trying to do is this thing below, but I cannot change the icons size on systems screen, just managed to resize on games screen:

  • Daniel:

    I checked toolbar.

    Its weird,On the default black it was set to none so I changed to default now its back.

    But I have another theme I only just started and it has a dark background image and the toolbar text is also black,you can just see it though...how to I changed that back to white..

    In default setting tab I changed main text to white but not showing.

    Also on the games folder settings,I do have it not transparent,and the text on games (or systems) is not showing at all.

  • Hi everyone, I'm new and I do not know how to install a new theme, could you help me?

  • You will prob have to join the beta then you will be able to download the beta versions which supports themes.

    Go to the playstore,search for Dig,scroll down a little and select join beta.

  • Hi, are you able to accept feature requests?

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