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  • I downloaded the recent update from yesterday. The Redream emulator is still giving me issues with zipped files, so I switched over to the Flycast on RetroArch Plus and runs pretty well, but still crashes here & there. Would like to see Redream more…
  • I just downloaded the latest update and it fixed the issue I was having with PS1, PSP, Gamecube, Wii, and Saturn. The only one giving me grief still is Dreamcast, but it might be because of the Redream emulator I'm using. With Android, before I was …
  • Thank you guys for the replies. I believe some of the PS1 games have multiple files in them, but it was able to extract and start my games without any issues before. Everything else has only 1 file and I had also tested all of those prior without is…
  • Was really hoping someone could help me with this issue. I tried emailing the developers too, but haven't received a response yet
  • Got it to work. I ended up having to reinstall Dig. Thank you for your help and I love the theme
  • https://digdroid.com/forums/uploads/981/EOBZ0O64DLVA.jpg https://digdroid.com/forums/uploads/737/FQ2EFKA48MUK.jpg Having trouble installing the new theme