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Great Frontend overall. At first I thought my emulators were playing larger 7z files until I figured out DIG was extracting and running them which I thought was great, helped save storage on my Micro SD, and made DIG seem like a superior frontend.

I have a Galaxy S20+. After a recent update of the app, it extracts like normal, then gives an error message storage/emulated/0/Android/data/.com.digdroid.alman.dig/files/tmp/(game name).iso is an invalid ISO file. I haven't changed any settings. Please help.


  • Was really hoping someone could help me with this issue. I tried emailing the developers too, but haven't received a response yet

  • It may take a while before someone with the know-how can respond. Maybe a week or more, so be patient.

  • There are a number of things that could be causing this problem. In my experience the images/romfiles distributed in 7z format most commonly have multiple variations of the same game in the bundle, if there are multiple files in the 7z files then DIG might be unable to determine which file to start. The first things I would advise is to extract the files first and then recompress the ROM/image file as a .zip file. Doing this would also confirm that the file you have is not corrupt. What system is it that you are trying to emulate here?

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    Thank you guys for the replies. I believe some of the PS1 games have multiple files in them, but it was able to extract and start my games without any issues before. Everything else has only 1 file and I had also tested all of those prior without issues before. When I unzip/extract them manually, they play perfectly fine.

    The main ones I'm currently having trouble with are PS1, PSP, Dreamcast, and Gamecube.

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    I just downloaded the latest update and it fixed the issue I was having with PS1, PSP, Gamecube, Wii, and Saturn.

    The only one giving me grief still is Dreamcast, but it might be because of the Redream emulator I'm using. With Android, before I was able to press the 3 bar menu button on the main phone which gave me all my tabs, press back onto DIG, then it would work like normal. Now, I can't recreate the same results. I'm thinking I'll just need to switch emulators, but I wanted to ask if there's a different work-around that people have had success with.

    Otherwise, thank you guys for the update and I hope to see this app grow more in the future.

  • I downloaded the recent update from yesterday. The Redream emulator is still giving me issues with zipped files, so I switched over to the Flycast on RetroArch Plus and runs pretty well, but still crashes here & there.

    Would like to see Redream more compatible, but that's it. Otherwise, great frontend overall and everything else works perfectly from what I've seen so far.

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