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  • I'm not trying to call names or sling stones. I'm just trying to appreciate this frontend, and in the absence of developer responses doing the best I can.
  • And I gave the exact reason I posted it here. Is the hostility needed?
  • Did that. It's looking like said creator is taking a bit of a hiatus so didn't want this to just go nowhere. Should it get added to themes then by all means I welc9me it be removed from here.
  • Unified Arkade does state 109 systems for support so that's your best bet if you just want system quantity.
  • That's hard to answer. If you add clones, Unified Arkade has a lot of clones. Given many themes don't say what systems they have exactly, you're not going to get an easy answer.
  • Couple of issues with the one you posted - the font used where it says Android at the bottom doesn't match the other icons and the logo itself is out of proportion to the rest of the set (wron…
  • Cancel mine. For whatever reason I had stupidly had DOS set up as hidden in DIG - un-hiding it is causing the games to show.
  • Someone posted a Jaguar icon on the "official" Ruckage theme page, but it didn't match with the Ruckage resolutions. So I used it as an inspiration and "retro'd" it. I just need a good Android…
  • Might not be the best but I made a PolyGame Master icon for that style of arcade board, for any interested.
  • I'm suspecting that the current version of Magic DosBox may be incompatible with DIG. I can get, not all, but enough games working in Magic DosBox, but nothing shows up in DIG for me, with all the specific folders added. I second the request for any…
  • Huh. I literally installed it for the first time today (not the pro version) and it's working with my one Saturn game (Nights). Is yours free or pro?
  • There should be an option in Dig in the settings under App -> Reset RetroArch Config. Give that a try and see if that works?
  • Weird question. We've got Mega Drive but was there ever a Genesis alternate made? Just curious, I can go either way, but being a filthy United States kid am more used to Genesis.
  • How do you mean no support? If you mean via database scraping you may just need to search Mother 3. It should be playable through DIG though.
  • Hello! A romset I previously...located...had a subsection for Cave arcade games. I use the Ruckage inspired pixel icons: Figured a good…
  • For what it's worth I figured this out - the official rom files decided they didn't work. New rom files are getting things to load up okay. External mouse and keyboard support has been wonky, and I can't save characters in Bard's Tale, but I'll keep…
  • Thank you so much! I appreciate this quite a bit!
  • SNES CD is in essence a specialized romhack that allows SNES games to have CD-quality music and cinematics. They use your standard sfc files as well as additional files for the music and movies. For the PSX ROMs I have them working now by removing …
  • Hokay. Issue for PSX and 3D0 was that I had cue files that were trying to open in my merged lists instead of my iso and bin files. Because I can't bulk ignore file types I am having to hide the cue files one by one. Annoying but it works.
  • It shows that I have the required roms. For the 3D0 I can launch the games via Retroarch, Arc Browser, and Real3D0Player without any issues. Trying to use RetroArch and Real3D0Player through Dig is what is causing me issues. ePSXe is the same way. …
  • Forgot the SNES CD wasn't made by me. The other two were though. Just for transparency.
  • Not quite what I'd be looking for but I appreciate it. Got 92 MSU hacks so want them in a special spot. I might be able to cobble something together - mainly trying for the in-system stitched background. Thanks regardless!
  • I apologize if this is asking a bit much, but is there a chance that an SNES CD theme would be possible in the future? I have the MSU hacks in a separate section and would like to use this theme to give it the attention it deserves. Thanks!
  • Pardon the names, these are migrated from Arc Browser. Recent convert to Dig a…