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  • Slapped together a quick and dirty "Translations" collection icon (obviously). I still want to do some genre icons someday, and curate some music, but the former I need the right fonts and the…
  • This has the above icons, with backgrounds for OpenBOR and JoiPlay as clones 22 and 23, and added ExaGear as clone 24.
  • Just a couple of collection icons I was working on. Been playing the Cube Escape and Rusty Lake games, thus the first icon, and a romha…
  • The mini-consoles one is hypothetically a possibility, as there's already been a template for a couple of them - but if I do it would likely only be for systems that have officially come out. Romhacks I could in theory do a single generic icon, but …
  • Not sure what you mean by hacked images. Are you meaning collections of romhacks? Generally I'd stick them in the base game if applicable. I don't have any mini consoles so wouldn't be making any themes for them.
  • ...the TG16 and PCE are the same system. They'd use the same emulators. Cloning a system will have it use the original system's emulators by default.
  • Everything you listed is included (though Rockman is included as Mega Man instead) - I'm at 119 collection icons. Not sure what you mean by home icons though. If you're talking about creating icons for your native Android launcher, that's not somet…
  • Are you only automatically scanning the ROMs or are you manually setting the directories too? If only automatic, try the manual option.
  • Have you manually scanned the folder in the Arcade console instead of just an automatic scan? That should get it to reorient itself.
  • So I'm doing a call for info right here - for those that have used my theme, what are your likes about it? Dislikes? What would you like added? What would you do differently? This feedback could help me should I get a new theme going.
  • The Systems backgroun…
  • So I just tested, looks like it's working properly. Support for every system with the following clones: CPS1 CPS2 CPS3 PGM Atomiswave Famicom Disk System Super Nintendo CD Satellaview Sufami Turbo N64DD DSiWare WiiWare WonderSwan Color PSP Minis Sup…
  • Silver ringed icons? Sounds familiar. I'm considering doing some genres myself but I'd need to think what genres I'd do. Would be nice in the future if we can "lock" genres but we'll see what happens with development eh?
  • So until the developer comes back and cleans up this joint, I think I'm considering this complete and leaving these forums. Dig seems to be abandoned - still more user friendly than Arc Browser and (so far) Reset but these forums are a cesspool.
  • Yay more spam! Don't do it people.
  • Do you have your games set as Split Games or Merged Games? When you're in a system you can select the system menu followed by View to see the split/merged toggle. If you're viewing split you'll want to change to merged.
  • I really hope none of you follow the above post. Be smarter than that.
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  • Have you gone into the Saturn section in Dig and manually set the ROM paths that way?
  • Did you go into Settings, select App and choose Reset RetroArch config since setting everything up? If not start with that.
  • What you want to do in this case is go into the Neo Geo console and manually add the ROM path to that system instead. From there you'll be able to to NEO.emu with ease.
  • Not the dev but doubtful. Different development architecture I imagine for a system that is no longer supported.
  • I do hope thqt things are going okay. Arc Browser came out with an update, and playing around with it it feels Dig is easily my favorite and I want to see it rise to greater heights.
  • So another couple of collection themes. I might also do a Wonder Boy one.
  • My Dig has an "auto" option for rotation. Is that not working for you?
  • The developer was last active in December. Whether he is on hiatus or has abandoned the project is unknown.
  • The second part sort of already exists. There is an Android system that you can include apps of your choosing to. The first part is dependent on the developer resurfacing.
  • You cannot judge everyone's internet speed on your own...
  • Do you have it set up to store your cover art on an SD card?
  • Well, the developer has abandoned the forums so you're not likely to get any official technical support. But I can say from my non-Dig related technical support that the more specific the message you can provide the better. Exact error messages are …