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  • Thanks Spiegel :) I had a feeling it was 4/3 for the RP2 but wasn't certain (I need to get one of those, my GPD XD+ died recently and they look like an awesome replacement), and that's…
  • I'm absolutely cool with this, I love that you guys have made this theme so much more than I could have imagined. I merely built a skeleton, you all have made it what it is today so th…
  • Thanks man, that's much appreciated, means a lot
  • Glad you like the icons :)
  • Woah, this kinda blew up! Sorry for not adding to this, I have had a few personal problems so haven't been online much the past few months. Thank you to those who have been submitting their own additions to keep this alive. Before I disappeared, I d…
  • I'll package up the ones I made as well as a template when I get home from work and post it so you guys can make some of your own too. I will be making quite a lot of these anyway so if you want me to do any collection images then feel free to reque…
  • Thank you guys, much appreciated! I definitely want to expand this one more so I'll start with these additions. Let me know if you want anything else adding
  • "Default images for missing covers" I love you
  • Some features I'd love to see (mainly revolved around Theme Making): Ability to have custom default covers per system for games with no boxart (instead of the default circular system icons). I'd love to be able to include in my theme a "blank cover"…
  • Thanks! I've taken a note of them all and will get them made up over then next couple days :)
    in Arkade 720 Comment by Huntzman June 2019
  • Thank you! :) I will definitely be expanding this theme, I will start by adding in those icons mentioned by yourself I am glad you like it!
    in Arkade 720 Comment by Huntzman June 2019
  • Hey, where can we find a full list of the required file names for system icons/BGs? (e.g. nes.png, snes.png, gba.png... etc.)