Beta version 1.35.2 released

What's new

  • New theme settings for system icons folder and system backgrounds folder. The latter is used as the background on the systems page and changes when the selection changes. For both, images should be named nes.png, psx.png, etc. Though they must have the .png extension they may contain JPGs, GIFs, or other common formats.
  • The favorites filter now persists until changed
  • Search allowed in kiosk mode
  • bug fixes
  • Unlimited themes is no longer a premium feature. This is because soon Dig will have the ability to install themes submitted by users, and I will only charge for work that is my own. If that was the only reason you paid for premium I can give you a refund provided you still have the receipt email with the order number. But keep in mind that other features will become premium in the next final release.


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