1.37 beta 1 released

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New theme options:

  • Default images for missing covers
  • System specific backgrounds can now be videos. So instead of nes.png you can put nes.mp4 for example
  • System specific audio

And if you missed it in the last two mini-releases:

  • New view types: vertical and linear (horizontal)
  • You can now set the aspect ratio of icons instead of square-only.


  • Wow..awesome.

    Been waiting for the system specific background being videos.

    Only thing is depending on what people design it can make theme sizes very large.

    Fine for personal use but for submitting...we'll have to see.

  • OK,Just did a quick test.

    Added video folder for system backgounds and I can hear the sound (they have their own sound) but the videos do not load up.

    The vids I used are mp4 format in 1080P.

  • Is the background color for the systems page set to transparent?

    • "Default images for missing covers"

    I love you

  • When update 1.37 coming?

  • Yeah that was it..lol..what a rookie mistake..how could I forget to have checked that.🤗

  • I'm stuck! I'm trying to add specific background pngs for my systems!!! Someone please help. I created a folder called background and chose it in the options but they just play randomly.

  • Do you mean system backgrounds or system icons?

    Either way,are they named correctly? They should be named as Dig names them.

    For eg for Sega Dreamcast system icon or system background image,it should be named dreamcast,not Sega Dreamcast.

    If unsure check what Dig names them by going into this folder on your android device:


    There you can see Digs default system icons.

    So just be sure that any system icons or system specific backgrounds are named the same.You shouldnt have issues then.

  • I forgot that the background color doesn't apply to system background images so it was my mistake not to mention it apples to videos. I would make it apply to images too now but that would break existing themes.

  • The final version as opposed to the beta? A couple of weeks I'd guess.

  • With today's update you can add a foreground image.

  • I've encountered some bugs:

    The foreground image not being "bundled" with themes.

    The config toolbar pushes down and displaces icon logos when activated and can be a hassle when resizing icons.

  • I hope to release a bug fix beta in the next day or two. Can you elaborate on the toolbar issue?

  • edited August 3

    When the tool bar is activated everything gets pushed down like icons and game covers as if to make way for the toolbar.

  • That's the way it's supposed to work. I had envisioned that it would be configured once for each page type and left that way. If you want to be able to open and close it without affecting the rest of the design I'll have to think about that.

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