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  • Hello! Using Dig on Shield tv. Great front end! Retroarch just added Play! core for android devices. When I go to launch a ps2 game, it will try to launch daemon which I do not have. Changed it to Play!, but it is saying I need to get it from the app store. How can I make it use the retroarch version instead? sorry for the noob question.

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    Hi guy, welcome to our community!!! Don't be ashamed to ask anything here... We are growing together and learning how to do things on DIG. There's an option on the system menu that allows you to customize the Retroarch command. Open the desired system, then touch the "..." button, "Manage System", "Edit Emulators". Then, select one that is Retroarch based, edit it to match the core name and save it as new profile. I just don't know how the core you need is named. 😅

  • lol my bad. The core is Play! for ps2. Will try that as soon as i get home. Thank you!

  • Hi it would be cool to have the ability to lock the option "sort by most played Games" instead or doing it manually all the time when you launch the app. Thanks

  • Hi guys n gals, not sure if this has been answered but how do you add games to the collections menu on the themes, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance 👍

  • Long button press on the game to bring up its menu. One of the options is to add to collection. Select this and you will get a choice to create a new collection or add to an existing collection.

    You can even add your collection as a menu so you dont have to go through collections each time

  • DIG didn't recognize eboot.pbp from PSN, it's supported on PPSSPP.

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