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  • Hello! Using Dig on Shield tv. Great front end! Retroarch just added Play! core for android devices. When I go to launch a ps2 game, it will try to launch daemon which I do not have. Changed it to Play!, but it is saying I need to get it from the app store. How can I make it use the retroarch version instead? sorry for the noob question.

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    Hi guy, welcome to our community!!! Don't be ashamed to ask anything here... We are growing together and learning how to do things on DIG. There's an option on the system menu that allows you to customize the Retroarch command. Open the desired system, then touch the "..." button, "Manage System", "Edit Emulators". Then, select one that is Retroarch based, edit it to match the core name and save it as new profile. I just don't know how the core you need is named. 😅

  • lol my bad. The core is Play! for ps2. Will try that as soon as i get home. Thank you!

  • Hi it would be cool to have the ability to lock the option "sort by most played Games" instead or doing it manually all the time when you launch the app. Thanks

  • Hi guys n gals, not sure if this has been answered but how do you add games to the collections menu on the themes, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance 👍

  • Long button press on the game to bring up its menu. One of the options is to add to collection. Select this and you will get a choice to create a new collection or add to an existing collection.

    You can even add your collection as a menu so you dont have to go through collections each time

  • DIG didn't recognize eboot.pbp from PSN, it's supported on PPSSPP.

  • I just love it so much!

    It needs an update to detect new retroarch cores.

    I dont seem to be able to find fbneo on the list and i have no idea on which parameters should i use to add it, any help plz?

    Also i would love to have a custom loading screen for my systems, is it possible?

  • Also i would like to know how to install a new theme and how to backup my settings in case i need to format my android box.

  • Go to the settings. There is an option to backup and theme options available there

  • Looks great, thanks

  • Bonjour à tous

    J'ai découvert récemment ce logiciel que je trouve génial.

    Je suis nouveau sur ce forum et j'utilise une GPD XD avec Dig que je trouve très intuitif et agréable. Le seul défaut que je lui trouve, c"est que pour sélectionner les émulateurs, on ne peux pas réellement choisir avec un explorateur. Il une liste imposé et souvent des propositions payante.

    Mais Dig reste un petit bijoux avec une belle présentation.

    Merci beaucoup !

  • Hey! Good Day !

    Im new on Android Front End, i want to install this on my tv box, so at first, im trying to install on my phone but i have some ( and probably ) ridiculous questions:

    Is DIG just a Front End like Hyperspin on Windows? Or it has its owns emulation cores?

    I have installed retroarch with only 3 cores ( n64, snes and gba ) , when i started DIG , it asked for device scan, but it doesn't recognize anything, and i dont catch how to set routes for emulators or cores!

    I will appreciate it to much!

  • Hi, i have a couple of questions

    if i purchase premium, would i need to purchase it twice to use on my 2 android boxes

    what kind of features are missing in the non paid version (id rather pay for your hard work)

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    Hy, i have installed dig on android, but after launching a game when exit, dig doesnt stay on top and i have to reopen it. There a way to resolve?

  • I love this app!! Can you help me purchase the full version? Every time I try to purchase it from within your app I keep getting an error. I don’t want to uninstall it as it took me hours to download all the artwork for all my 40 systems.

  • Hi! I really love your app, I just wanted to give you some suggestions, can you add a battery and hour indicator? And the option to set a site to download roms and show it in home? They are just suggestions, your app is great! I want this project to continue moving forward

  • Definite no for the download ROMs option. That would take the emulator from legal to illegal in an instant.

  • Hi really love this frontend, paid for the premium just cause I felt the developers of this frontend deserve it. though I do have 1 issue that I hope someone here has the solution for.

    I have an issue with screenshots that I take in RetroArch, when I take a screenshot through retroarchs menu when launched through dig it doesn't seem to save anywhere. but if I take a screenshot through retroarch alone those screens save just fine.

    Can you not use the retroarch screenshot function when running it through dig?

  • I have an issue in hoping somebody can help with. dig has automatically assigned my neogeo folder to open with mame from retroarch, when I try to change it to neo.emu it isn’t available to select from the drop down menu. Is there anyway I can manually input it?

  • What you want to do in this case is go into the Neo Geo console and manually add the ROM path to that system instead. From there you'll be able to to NEO.emu with ease.

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    I managed to sort it, I had the package but couldn’t find the activity.

    next question, why is my screen gone funky where it should show the game thumbnails. It only does it on the grid layout.

  • First, thanks for the front end. It's awesome. Just wanted to suggest updating the screenshots on your google play listing... showcasing some of the better themes would get even more people using this app. I didn't even give it a try for the longest time because the screenshots weren't that appealing. Instead I stuck with a discontinued frontend app. Wasn't until I saw a video of Unified Arkade or Colorful Emunation (can't remember which) that I realized Dig is a lot better than I assumed from the screenshots.

  • Hello. First at all congratulations for your excellent app.

    I have a suggestion. It would be great to have the possibility to access to our cloud services like Google Drive to access to our roms games. It would be very useful for not having to connect external disks or memories to have access to our games.

    Do you think it would be possible?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Boa tarde! Eu gostaria que o aplicativo coloca-se o número de players de cada jogo. Exemplos: 1 player, 2 players, 4 players, 6 players, 8 players, etc. O resto está tudo ok, de parabéns!

  • I think the administrator has given up on the app It's a shame because the app has a lot to grow.

  • Dear admin, block for spam

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    ban them forever and block by ip is not good to do so.

    They spammed the entire forum !!!

  • So it looks like Dig is being update again, and the spammers seems to have been given the boot :D

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