Dig not start the games on ScummVM

I added the Scumm games to Dig, but when I start the game, I only see the emulator home screen. Do you also have this problem?


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    I didn't know a way to start a game, but if all is working well you should see only your selected game listed.

    One thing to keep in mind is that Dig needs to write a file to the game folder. If the game is on an SD card it won't be able to on some older versions of Android. A way around this is to create the folder Android/data/com.digroid.alman.dig/fiiles/SCUMM on the SD card and copy your games there.

  • Thanks, I resolved 😉👍️

  • Hi, could you please tell me exactly what you did? i ve been trynig to make this work, but it still launches the SCUMMVM and i have to manually start de game, it just wont run directly from DIG.

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    How to auto run games on ScummVM standalone?

  • Was this ever solved? I can make DIG start the ScummVM launcher, but then I have to manually pick the game. I remember having this solved before, but I don't remember how. Anyone still on here? I know it's an old thread.

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