Comic Book

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This theme is based on another theme with same name for RetroPie. 


TMNTturtlguy (images and icons)

Snowy Fox (music)

Submitted by DanielCarlosJobs -

Download - 41.5MB


  • The idea is good, but you need to modify the background for the games.

  • Thanks!!! The intention here is to use the system BG as game BG too. Do you have something that you wanna change? I could accept suggestions!!!

  • Nice

    Defo a fun style theme.

    Only thing is when you select game info,all the game info text being white is a little hard to see all of it cause of the background.But its no biggie and not always easy to find a right color that doesnt clash I know.

    Also I see you left the toolbar text shown? Was this on purpose?

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