Comic Book

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This theme is based on another theme with same name for RetroPie. 


TMNTturtlguy (images and icons)

Snowy Fox (music)

Submitted by DanielCarlosJobs -

Download - 41.5MB


  • The idea is good, but you need to modify the background for the games.

  • Thanks!!! The intention here is to use the system BG as game BG too. Do you have something that you wanna change? I could accept suggestions!!!

  • Nice

    Defo a fun style theme.

    Only thing is when you select game info,all the game info text being white is a little hard to see all of it cause of the background.But its no biggie and not always easy to find a right color that doesnt clash I know.

    Also I see you left the toolbar text shown? Was this on purpose?

  • Man thats my favorite retropie theme, if you could add all icons that would be fantastic like wonderswan, wonderswan color, neo geo pocket, omg im so in love with it.

    Please keep it rocking!

  • OLÁ. Bonito o tema, até aproveitei idéias para o que estou criando hehehe

    Uma observação: precisa tirar os "ícones de início" da pasta onde estão os "icones de sistema". Cria uma pasta separada. Mesmo assim há icones de sistema faltantes na pasta onde estão.


  • edited March 2021

    This theme is great but incomplete so it's time for another unofficial Chalotron repack. This repack boosts the number of supported systems to around 115, adds a new game select screen designed to be used with the new preview pane feature, a new game info screen, new backgrounds for genres and collections screens and a new home screen and icons. I was unable to perfectly replicate the font used in this for the systems not already featured in the retropie theme this is based on but I think the font I used is close enough to look like it belongs. Your mileage may vary. Hope you guys like it.

  • I downloaded your Comic Book Repack theme for my RG552 and it's almost perfect. When I go to;

    Systems -> (any system) -> (games list)

    The games list is offset from the left edge of the screen quite a bit, and the font is huge. I was able to counter this somewhat by shrinking the font with:

    View As -> Configure -> Resize

    However, the font is very small and it is still offset as much as it originally was.

    Any advice is appreciated, thank you!

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