Last update / can not open folders / install New Themes

First sorry for my english, second I Love Dig , really !

Last update 14.02.2022 broke something

Now i cannot install themes , or edit a theme, neither i can change The picture of a game choosing it from my Storeage,

Seems every time i press on an action that need open a folder from storeage Nothing appears , Nothing, só when i click on install new theme nothing happend

I have a Samsung Tablet SM T 290 , Android 11

Tomorrow i Will test on huawei Phone

I managed tô install themes manually , its ok,, but i cannot edit them because Every time i need to point to an archive or folder to change wallpaper video etc nothing happens when i click

Yesterday all works ok, today i see this Bug While i was making a fresh install for my 20.000 games And a New theme im building

Só i need to talk a about this bug !!

Im very happy for the Update, i Will pay IF you continue the Project, IF not i Will pay anyway, its almost perfect, its awesome im using it many years, i give 5 stars first Day!

I Would be happier if i could have more images of each game, front and BACK , and a link to open the Manual.pdf of each game, even if i need to set up manually, its all i could request from Dig to bê perfect to me

If need a tester i have 4 Phones, 2 Tablet , and 1 chinese Android TV Box

Thanks a Lot !!


  • As Far i can see the Problem is with Android 11

    With Android 10 everything is allright

    I always had DIG in vainilla theme on My Tablet samsumg T290 8" android 11 because i love the retro style, só i never noticed this error

    I noticed a about this error now im building my own theme , based in a lot of good themes users did, REALLY DIG IS SO AWESOME AN EASY TO MAKE NICE THEMES !

    The problem with Android 11 is that " dont't prompt the browse/selection menu " every time you need to point to a folder or archive , for example when you want install a theme or editing changing a file background or pointing to a folder, this menu prompt pop up does not come, so you never can select a file

    Maybe the App Needs to ask for MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STOREAGE like others app like "cx file explorer" ask tô the users, maybe giving it DIG can also delete games in Sd Card not only in the internal memory

    I hope Dont need a lot of work in order to fix it

    By the way i still can play

    and i can build themes in the phone Android 10 and later install manually in the Tablet android11

    Só i can wait !!

    Also i can Wait to Have Front and Back cover images for each game

    , not only front cover, and a Option tô Open the Game_Manual.pdf of each great game i have !!!! But i hope i can have it soon, Dig is só Awesome this would Make it Perfect !

    Thanks a lot

  • I’m suffering the same issue. Could you explain how to manual install a theme. Thanks.

  • @Dig

    I agree, I also noticed the same issue. Please fix. At the same time, I would like to see an update to the scraper, the video orientation fixed (its sometimes off center), and add the ability to use images on the preview pane. We know you still have love for this project. You can do it!


  • edited February 2022

    To manually install a theme, firstly click Options> then Themes and take note of the "Media Storage Location"

    Secondly unzip the downloaded theme then move this new Theme folder to your Dig Themes directory (noted above).

    Thirdly, open that new theme folder and copy the config file thats there and paste it in the Dig Themes directory.

  • Beta 1.40.3 fixed theme install for os 11+

  • Was looking for these same instructions, but what's the next step AFTER "open that new theme folder and copy the config file thats there and paste it in the Dig Themes directory."?

  • Nevermind. I ended up just saving the compressed ZIP file of the entire theme inside Dig's "Theme" folder, went to options, selected Theme, chose "Install Theme" and located where I saved the ZIP file. It almost seemed like it got stuck, but when I hit the "Cancel" button (as it was the only way to get out of the theme installation box), I saw the full theme was installed.

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