Add the option for users to use their own generic image for each systems missing boxart

Feature Request

The ability for the user to change the default small semi-transparent system image (when a boxart cannot be found) to their own using that particular Systems' logo or your own mock up generic boxart to cover all missing boxart for that system

Using Android I personally have at least 15k+ games where no boxart can be found at all, mainly 8 bit computers like Zx Spectrum, C64, Amstrad Cpc etc but also for all the consoles and other computers which have thousands homebrew/hacked games without any boxart.

I know this has been asked a few times in the forums about how to change the default missing boxart to something else and the response (and rightly so) is that you have to do each game individually but Dig is already doing this for all missing boxart.

Essentially, let the user change the missing boxart image for each system to their own image, similar to how the user can with the main System icons.

Anyways..awesome frontend! really enjoying it & I highly recommend unlocking all the features and supporting the devs.


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