Theme: Mini-Mix 1.0

With mini consoles being so popular right now along with the front end themes inspired by them I thought I'd try and replicate the mini experience for not just the systems that already have mini consoles but expand that to over 130 systems each with their own mini/classic styled game selection screen and with their own system appropriate music. I really hope you guys like it as I'm really happy with how it's turned out.

As usual with my themes I have a lite version with a single audio track and a full fat version with mostly new and arranged tracks than usually come bundled with my other releases and if you have the storage space is the one I'd recommend for the true mini console experience. Also recommended to be used in kiosk mode.

Most system icons are taken from Ruckage's SNES mini set and Mahare's great work expanding the icon set. 

Full Fat Version

Lite Version


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    At the very least, I think I'll be incorporating the Games Systems Backgrounds into my library. Just a matter of successfully importing the theme, which is being a butt on my Kindle right now.

    EDIT: The Game Info System Backgrounds looks really, really smooth. Do you have objections to me incorporating those into the theme I've been working on?

  • Anybody can use any part of it they want, any way they like. I made it for myself but I'm happy for everybody to enjoy it however they like. There will inevitability be tweaks to it before I finish off the art for the last few systems but I think this might be my mic drop moment and finally be the theme I settle on using full time.

  • Try this for the Favorites icon. It's extrapolating the background data from the other images and keeps that unified pixel look (I noticed you de-anthromorphized the icons which I like a lot, but wanted to remain uniform for my own set)

  • Yeah I tried to cheat to make something that looked similar but this is far superior, nice one.

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    1 minor gripe I have with this and the other unified theme are I like my games in a grid format with the name of the game listed below since some systems have quite a few games it makes for much faster & easier scrolling.

    I know you can still use grid format with these themes but it makes the box art so small in comparison to your 1st unified theme & the game title isn’t listed.

    Keep up the great work!

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    Disregard. I didn’t even realize you could make the box art larger on any format by changing the scaling.

    The linear format has actually grown on me even though it’s scrolling 1 at a time.

    I will be utilizing this theme full time

  • I don't know if you are using a pad to navigate, but you can set buttons which allow you to skip by first letter if you do. Makes getting through the big lists a breeze.

  • Ha, glad I could help. I nearly didn't mention it because I was worried it would come off as patronising. Version 1.1 with a few extra systems supported and other nips and tucks coming soon.

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  • @chalotron I know this bored is overrun by bots now and the developer of DIG has been MIA for almost a year, are you still working on this theme? I was curious what other systems would even be possible for 1.1

    Look forward to your updates. This and Unified Arkade are amazing and make this front end the best choice hands down. GB

  • Yeah, the plague of spam on the forum and lack of developer interest has basically left me a little despondent with regards to further theme development. I did have a few tweaks to this theme planned but due to the fact I can't get it posted in the mostly unspammed themes section coupled with this post getting buried by the spam have meant that this theme has had very little interest. I think the last time I checked it had only been downloaded about a couple of hundred times for what was about 15+ hours of work which as I'm sure you can appreciate is a little disheartening. That said, I still use DIG daily and check here infrequently so if somebody requests I add something then I'm open to the idea but I'm currently pumping most of my spare time and creativity into making stuff for Dreams on PS4. Thanks for being always being a positive advocate for my stuff here though and if this forum gets straightened out or the developer returns then you can guarantee I'll be back too.

  • Developer has returned! @chalotron


  • Ha, ha yeah. I reached out to the dev after the recent update and they have confirmed that development has indeed resumed and as you can see the forum is now all cleaned up and sparkly fresh. Such great news. I'm gonna have some spare time over the next week so expect some new stuff from me soon too.

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