🟦 Add AetherSX2 as an option to lunch PS2 games

The best/fastest ps2 emulator on Android currently.


  • I would like to see this too!

  • Also please allow .CHD files for PS2 library scanning since AetherSX2 supports it.

    Since the release of this emulator, I convert my PS2 game collection into CHD file, but somehow DIG couldn't detect it.

  • Name: Aethersx2



    Please add support for "scoped storage"

    Thank you

  • please add this system very good emulator

  • edited December 2021

    @Dig AetherSX2 & .chd

    MelonDS standalone would be nice too

  • We really need CHD file formats recognized for PS2. Wish there wasn't a way to implement it myself already!

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