🟦 Add AetherSX2 as an option to lunch PS2 games

The best/fastest ps2 emulator on Android currently.


  • I would like to see this too!

  • Also please allow .CHD files for PS2 library scanning since AetherSX2 supports it.

    Since the release of this emulator, I convert my PS2 game collection into CHD file, but somehow DIG couldn't detect it.

  • Name: Aethersx2



    Please add support for "scoped storage"

    Thank you

  • please add this system very good emulator

  • edited December 2021

    @Dig AetherSX2 & .chd

    MelonDS standalone would be nice too

  • We really need CHD file formats recognized for PS2. Wish there wasn't a way to implement it myself already!

  • Another vite for AetherSX with CHD support

  • +1 for AetherSX2 and CHD extension support


  • I also would like to see AetherSX2 supported as well as allowing for more file extensions. RVZ for dolphin, CHD for PS2. If per system we could manually enter the file extension to look for and play that would be better than nothing.

  • I don't know Pegasus Frontend easily load AetherSX2, why isn't it fixed for DIG.

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