New Nintendo Switch Theme Coming ( From the maker of Wii Theme Riivive)

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that a new theme will be arriving soon.

I have been looking through the thread for my Wii theme and want this to be even better than that one.

To achieve that, I need your help.


Since the making of Riivive, new phones with longer screens have become a lot more popular, so I would like you guys to post any screen ratios you have that are not the standard 16:9.

I know that Dig now comes preinstalled on several Android gaming handhelds (with my theme as the default, yay), these devices have a a smaller ratio, maybe 4:3? If anyone owns one and knows what the resolution of these screens are that would be helpful too.

Second, ICONS!

Yes I know that last one lacked A LOT of icons, that was honestly because I made that theme for myself and only really thought about the systems I use, however after how popular it got I can't ignore the lacklustre selection of system icons. I will probably make a poll or something to gauge the most popular and work on them first, but feel free to post your requests here. My goal is to make one for EVERY system, that way it can have a consistent style and I don't have to leave it to the community to patch a half-baked theme (but THANK YOU to everyone who assisted in expanding Riivive, it was truly amazing to see so many people devoted to that theme)


Same deal as above, I want a huge collection of collections and genres, so if you have requests for those please let me know.

I lost my job a few weeks ago and have been struggling to find a new one in this "current climate", so have been tempted to set up a patreon or something so I can dedicate more time to making this theme amazing, if anyone shows any slight interest in joining that I will definitely get it sorted.

Thank you all for your support for Riivive, lets make this one incredible!

Kurtis "Huntzman" Black


  • Theme is looking slick as to be expected Huntzman. Looking forward to seeing how this develops and hope things improve for you dude.

  • Hi, personnally I made 4/3 and 16/9 version of my theme.

    There is now an option to force the aspect ratio in options.

    Not a big deal, it's good to got nicely a 16/9 display on 16/10 screen. Not a prob.

    This theme look nice. :)

  • And for retroid pocket2 it's 4/3

  • edited February 15

    If you're using gimp i can share you my sheet for 4/3 display

  • Thanks Spiegel :) I had a feeling it was 4/3 for the RP2 but wasn't certain (I need to get one of those, my GPD XD+ died recently and they look like an awesome replacement), and that's handy about the forcing of aspect ratio I wasn't aware of that!

    I'm using Adobe CC to build my theme so I'm not sure if a gimp file would be compatible - Hopefully I should be able to adjust my 16/9 layout easily enough as I have it all in separate layers but thank you!

  • Can't wait for that one. I'm assuming it is not out yet? (:

  • This looks awesome! Can't wait for the release!!

  • 🔴Any news about the switch theme ????

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