Neo Retro DX

Submitted by Barabbas Spiegel -

Theme based on Charlotron's Mini-Mix and Mahare's Retro Redux. Originaly

I have in mind to modify few things and finally after 2 week it become a

new theme, maybe some users will like it.

I'll post a 4/3 version to fit perfectly theses screens, I will share it

when I'll get my retroid pocket 2 (can't test now, i don't have any 4/3

monitor to test it)

Sheet for gimp (share it someone want to use it to build new theme)

Here is some other credits :

kurrurin by neoweegee

ninten by neoweegee

sparkster by natakiro and

kirby by dutchie17

mario by Mariofan345

balrog by NyaoDragon

wario by recastanho

tank by giridao

sonic mania by DOA 687

carbuncle by lisnovski

options background by ZanaGB

main theme by sawsquarenoise (Dojokratos tr 2)

icon et backg md mgfrgn

assets from minimix theme from charlotron

Assets from retro redux 2.1 by Mahare

boxyboldfont by Clint Bellanger, cemkalyoncu, william.thompsonj, usr_share

play icon by fleur tournesol

Sonic Mania Background by DiegoShedyk53182

flower gif by VAdePEGA

sonic ultrablast logo by Un18Son

(my bad if I forgot someone, just make a comment and I'll credit you)

Full version - 180 MB

Lite version (one music file) - 12.5 MB


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