Arcade / MAME covers are recognized as screenshots too

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First of all I want to clarify that I have mame covers and screenshots in the right directories:

Covers in:

-- emulated\0\Android\data\com.digdroid.alman.dig\files\Covers

Screenshots in:

-- emulated\0\Android\data\com.digdroid.alman.dig\files\Screenshots

(and yes, I ensured covers inside covers folder are covers, they are not screenshots, and same in the screenshots folder)

The problem is that dig will show covers for both the cover and the screenshot image. That is, If I change the view > screenshots it shows screenshots for covers, and covers for screenshots, but If I change the view > box covers it shows covers for covers and covers for screenshots.

*Using the "import" function to import box covers and screenshots respectively does not solve the issue.

*Using the "Refresh" function does not solve the issue.

*Deleting the screenshot to force the re-download does not solve the issue. In fact doing this it will store the downloaded screenshot in the covers folder... weird.

*Storing the cover image files in the screenshots folder and vice versa does not solve the issue.


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    Dev, can you help please...?. It seems a Dig bug.

  • Hello I also brought this up on the bug reports thread and the dev responded that this is indeed a bug for the mame system only. He didn't mention if it would be fixed in future releases or not.

    I know that this bug is annoying, and I went though everything you went though before I figured out that the directory's are switched. Once I figured that out, I was able to switch the covers to the screenshot directory and the screenshots to the covers directory to make everything work properly.

    Because the dig images scraper works kind of weird, when it comes to MAME, I did the following to get the covers and screenshots working:

    First I deleted all the covers downloaded by dig, then I made sure that the download screenshots were in the covers directory. For the covers, I did a google search and found a flyers pack for mame. I downloaded the pack and extracted it to the dig screenshot directory. Once this was done I used the dig import function to import the covers. This should give you correct covers and screenshots.

    Note that I am using a full mame romset, so I didn't have to pick and choose covers to match the games that I have. However, because of this, there were some games that didn't have matching covers, if this happens to you, and you want to add covers, you can do so by long pressing on the game, select box cover and this will open a look for game image on: menu. From here you can search for covers on MobyGames, ThegamesDB or Google images. I generally use google images. This will take you to a google search web browser, from here you can search for an acceptable cover, once you download it, dig will copy it to the appropriate directory (screenshots) and the blank cover will now have an image.

    Hope this helps. If you have questions let me know.

  • I know the MAME cover/screenshot switch is odd behavior, but it's not a bug per se, it's that way for legacy reasons. These folders aren't meant to be manipulated directly by the user, but if you do put your MAME screenshots in the covers folder and vice versa.

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