Retro Redux 2.1


  • So I just tested, looks like it's working properly. Support for every system with the following clones:

    • CPS1
    • CPS2
    • CPS3
    • PGM
    • Atomiswave
    • Famicom Disk System
    • Super Nintendo CD
    • Satellaview
    • Sufami Turbo
    • N64DD
    • DSiWare
    • WiiWare
    • WonderSwan Color
    • PSP Minis
    • SupergrafX
    • Wolfenstein 3d
    • Doom
    • Infocom (like Zork)
    • Daphne
    • Dreamcast VMU
    • Pocketstation

    The following alternate options:

    • 32X (US or EUR/JAP, Icon)
    • Dreamcast (US or JAP, Icons and Backgrounds)
    • Sega CD (US or EUR/JAP, Icons and Backgrounds)
    • Genesis/Mega Drive (US or EUR/JAP, Icons and Backgrounds)
    • MSX (MSX-2 Alt Theme, Icons and Backgrounds)
    • Turbograf-x (PC Engine alternate, Icons and Backgrounds)
    • Turbograf-x CD (PC Engine CD alternate, Icons and Backgrounds)
    • Nintendo (US and Japanese, Icons and Backgrounds)
    • Super Nintendo (US, Europe, and Japanese, Icons and Backgrounds)
    • MAME (Arcade alt, Icons and Backgrounds)
    • Pokemon Mini (Icons)
    • Phillips CD-i (System Background)

    The collections icons have not been included with the theme and can be found here:

    I do not have any specific music at this time other than using Uncharted Worlds from Mass Effect. I want to carefully curate a music set - for now I'd recommend using a music set from one of chalotron's themes. I'm brainstorming genre icons I can do, and may incorporate some other clone systems (JoiPlay/RPG Maker and OpenBOR are coming to mind).

  • The Systems background shouldn't be needed but I did a more "in line" genre and system icon (a shield and a CD respectively) and swapped the colors.

  • So I'm doing a call for info right here - for those that have used my theme, what are your likes about it? Dislikes? What would you like added? What would you do differently? This feedback could help me should I get a new theme going.

  • if I clone the TG16 in the hope I can have pce and TG16 as seperate systems, I know I can edit a clones background etc to spoof the pce but how do I change the config that points the default emulator options from the orig cloned system to the pce?

  • ...the TG16 and PCE are the same system. They'd use the same emulators. Cloning a system will have it use the original system's emulators by default.

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