Mini-mix 1.1

edited October 2020 in Themes

Submitted by Chalotron

With mini consoles being so popular right now along with the front end themes inspired by them I thought I'd try and replicate the mini experience for not just the systems that already have mini consoles but expand that to over 120 systems each with their own mini/classic styled game selection screen and with their own system appropriate music. I really hope you guys like it as I'm really happy with how it's turned out.

As usual with my themes I have a lite version with a single audio track and a full fat version with mostly new and arranged tracks than usually come bundled with my other releases and if you have the storage space is the one I'd recommend for the true mini console experience. Also recommended to be used in kiosk mode.

Most system icons are taken from Ruckage's SNES mini set and Mahare's great work expanding the icon set.

New for version 1.1

Slightly revised home screen icons.

CPS1, CPS2, CPS3 and Japanese PC Engine added. Don't think it's currently possible to launch games through Exagear in DIG yet but hopefully someday so Windows 95 also added.

I wasn't completely happy with the artwork for some of the systems so I've either tweaked or remade them. These systems are Colecovision, N64, Sony Pocketstation, Commodore Amiga, VC4000, Atari 8bit, MS-DOS, J2ME, Nintendo GameCube, Ti99, BBC Micro, NEC Supergrafx, Sufami Turbo, SNES CD, Vtech Creativision, Supervision 8000, Bally Astrocade.

Full fat version - 821MB

Lite version - 132MB



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