RetroArch not closing properly?

Hi All,

Looks like there has been some recent activity and a recent update to Dig. YAY! I'm using RetroArch 1.9.0 and the newest update of Dig (1.38.2) I've noticed that after I downloaded and loaded the Flycast core and I dumped Marvel vs Capcom 2 into my ROMs folder, everything worked great! BUT after my initial test through, every time I open Dig now I get a message that says, "RetroArch may not have closed properly. Would you like to force stop (recomended)" Anyone ever see this or know where to start with troubleshooting this?


  • It's for when RetroArch hangs. It's just a convenience to make it easier to kill it. BUT, there is a bug that you will get this message erroneously when launching from a widget or TV list. Just click cancel in those cases. It'll be fixed in the next release.

  • Thanks. I noticed that if I exit the game to RetroArch and actually quit RA properly to exit back to Dig that it doesn't do this.

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