PLEASE HELP! Disappearing roms and systems since latest update.

Hello i am really loving DIG and i think its the best frontend on android right now.

Since the last update my systems area have become blank:

So i then go to show all systems and my rom count is 0 for some reason:

I then enter the Dreamcast system because i know i have a few roms in there yet it still says i have no roms yet there they all are:

But when i go back to the system menu it says my roms are now there:

It happens for all my systems with roms and every time i turn off my device and power it back on i am once again greeted with a completely bland system menu and then i have to do it all over again.


  • Is this the latest beta or final version? Either way this is not good and I'll try to think of what might cause it.

  • Its the latest beta version and i was meant to say "blank" system not "bland" lol.

  • DIG also crashes upon returning from Redream.

  • Can you do a backup and email me the backup file? I can check if your database is corrupted.

  • Hi guys. Sometime ago I got a different problem with the latest update, was a crash everytime I've opened the app. I fixed uninstalling and reinstalling it. Probably was a database corruption too. Sephiroth, after sending the backup to dig developer, you could try to reinstall it to see if it fixes the errors. Don't forget to backup the /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.digdroid.alman.dig/files/Themes folder to not lost your theme configs.

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    I believe i have solved my problem.

    The disappearing roms was seemingly caused by my micro sd card that i kept all my roms on.

    I had no problems with my micro sd card before but i ended up removing it from my device and reinserted it back in then reformatted it.

    I have had no problems since.

    I also solved my Redream DIG crashing problem too.

    Pressing an "unbinded" button in DIG crashed it to crash.

    I use the select button on my phone to exit Redream but i didnt have the select button as functional (unbinded) in DIG so when i pressed it to exit Redream my finger would still have it pressed when id arrive in DIG because its so sudden the transition between the two.

    Thanks DanielCarlosJobs  for the backing up my themes tip.

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