best front end top too, only I'm with a problem when I enter in the systems and I'm going in the options and I switch to Cover Flow I can't enter any console nothing, only in list and grid the rest I can not what can it be??


  • Are you using a touchscreen or gamepad? If a gamepad maybe the focus is on the toolbar at top, so try moving down. If that's not the problem I'm not sure what it could be.

  • The name of the emulators for certain games that won't let me play are Scooby Doo! Night of a 100 frights , Godzilla unleashed, star wars battlefront ll and Star wars battlefront. Pls fix it if you have the time

  • I'm using a touch phone

  • The name of the emulators is

  • It says I have To email the name of the Emulator to digdroid email .

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    Hi guy, how are you? These aren't emulator names, are ROMs sites. Emulator names are Retroarch, MyBoy Free, Snes9x, ePSXe... Could you send a pic of the error?

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