Dreamcast titles suddenly appear as Naomi and can't change back

So I have a bunch of Sega Dreamcast titles which in previous versions of dig have been showing up as Sega Dreamcast but all of a sudden they started appearing under Sega Naomi which is now requesting that i install yet another emulator how do I change these titles to go back on the Sega Dreamcast and not under Naomi. this is especially frustrating as I have reicast installed from the app store yet under Naomi it's insisting install the different version of riecast from retro arch


  • Hi, this same error occurred to me with some PS1 games. For some unknown reason, some games could be mismatch. To fix this, I did the following: go to Naomi System, tap options button, config systems, ROMs path, and remove all mismatch folders. After this, go to Sega Saturn System and do the same thing, except you don't remove folders, you add the folder where the games are.

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    Sorry, I've duplicated post. Ignore this one 😅

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