Auto start .uae configs in Uae4Arm?

I'm migrating across from Arc Browser to Dig, and the only thing so far that I can't get working is auto-starting .uae config files in Uae4Arm.

In Arc Browser it would load Uae4Arm and start the game based on the config file I selected. I have set the config path in Uae4Arm as per Dig's instructions, but when I select the game it loads the default config file rather than the game's one.

Do "File path key" or "Data type" in the Manage system/Edit emulators settings have anything to do with it? I must admit I'm not sure what these are for.

In the Command line parameters in Uae4Arm, I have -f, which was there from using Arc Browser. Again, I have tinkered about with this but I don't really know what I'm doing!

Any help would be much appreciated - other than this I'm really enjoying Dig and would love to be able to migrate fully across to it.


  • my issue in the Kick start file always start empty and I need manually to select it to make it work any guide or help?

  • I am also having the same issue that aalani is referring to. And as the kickstart file is empty its causing the emulator to crash/freeze. Any possibility if we are using uae files it just copies or links the existing file to the file name in the folder it says to point the config to as we have already set them up as they should be. That or give us the ability to set the paths to kickstarts and let us choose which to use on launch? (I think the former is the better idea, but whatever works)

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