Auto start .uae configs in Uae4Arm?

I'm migrating across from Arc Browser to Dig, and the only thing so far that I can't get working is auto-starting .uae config files in Uae4Arm.

In Arc Browser it would load Uae4Arm and start the game based on the config file I selected. I have set the config path in Uae4Arm as per Dig's instructions, but when I select the game it loads the default config file rather than the game's one.

Do "File path key" or "Data type" in the Manage system/Edit emulators settings have anything to do with it? I must admit I'm not sure what these are for.

In the Command line parameters in Uae4Arm, I have -f, which was there from using Arc Browser. Again, I have tinkered about with this but I don't really know what I'm doing!

Any help would be much appreciated - other than this I'm really enjoying Dig and would love to be able to migrate fully across to it.


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