Version 1.35 released


  • The home screen can be configured to display desired options, including collections If only one option is selected Dig will go straight to that screen when launched
  • Kiosk mode
  • Option to scan a folder and its subfolders instead of the whole device
  • The 'fancy' views can be moved up and down with the resize control
  • In lists if a cover is not available a screenshot will be shown and vice versa. This will take effect after an automatic (and possibly lengthy) database update 
  • Support for Pizza Boy Pro and Reicast beta versions
  • Bug fixes related to saving arcade game images
  • I don't know yet why Dolphin MMJ won't launch games so I disabled that ability for now. At least now DMMJ will start so you can pick your game there. There seem to be two versions of DMMJ now so emulator "Dolphin MMJ (alt)" has been added


  • edited April 2019


    How do I disable the "Kiosk mode"?

  • Hi dash, I just had this same issue. Touch swipe from the left side of the screen to drag across options panel.

  • Thank you! It worked. Yes it is like you said a touch and swipe, slower than a normal swipe.

  • When I select Kiosk from the menu I get the following message "To enter kiosk mode please open the navigation drawer with your gamepad". I'm only using my gamepad on nvidia shield tv.

    And my next question is, How do I disable it? I ask this because I won't be able to 'Touch swipe from the left side of the screen' to access the options panel.

  • You should only be asked that on your TV. I ask to make sure you can exit kiosk mode by opening the panel with a gamepad button, which by default is L1.

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