Configuration to exit emulator with controller

Hi there,

First: excellent, simple, elegant launcher... already a premium user.

I use PPSSPP for emulation of PSP games, is there a way con configure a controller button combination to actually exit the emulator?

I read on a different board this:


For anyone else who may be searching this, I have found how to exit from PPSSPP straight back to retropie using a quit button. Make sure you have all your settings correct within PPSSPP. Once you are happy with your settings then configure the "pause menu" in Controls to the button that you want to use to exit the emulator. If the mouse pointer is also an issue to you then you will find that by ticking the "Fullscreen" option that this disappears.

Ok so now find your configs folder, go into "psp" folder and find emulators.cfg. Edit this using your chosen method and find the line

ppsspp = "/opt/retropie/emulators/ppsspp/PPSSPPSDL %ROM%"

Change it to:

ppsspp = "/opt/retropie/emulators/ppsspp/PPSSPPSDL %ROM% --escape-exit"

Save it and now your "pause" button will exit the PSP game straight back to your frontend.

Obviously you can no longer get into your settings unless you reverse this procedure and remove the "--escape-exit" parameter.


So there is a parameter to get the pause button to actually exit the emulator. Can this be configured with Dig?... maybe even as a configuration option for every system/emulator.



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