New Features/Updates?


Not sure if I'm doing this right, but I thought I'd start a thread on requests for new features and/or a place the Dev could give us updates on what to expect from the future.

Just wanted to say - I'm loving the app and look forward to whatever develops.

As a feature requests -

1) I'd love the option to be able to have the option of a custom splash screen (again with the option for it to be static or animated) before the initial menu loads.

2) It also like a little more control over the fonts.

Keep up the great work.


  • I was going to create a thread for feature requests but you beat me to it :)

    1) My goal was to have Dig start fast enough to not need a splash screen (except when installing). Is it slow on your device?

    2) This is requested often so I guess I should finally do it. How would you like it to work?

  • Arreglar el emulador dolphin MMJ no anda

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    Dig is great,the files are readable,the program layout is easily some ways it's better than hyperspin,since it searches for roms the same way launchbox does,it's faster than Arc Browser ...but that being said,it can be improved are some ideas:

    1.) allow the user to add an intro video,the same way hyperspin and retropie will allow dig to load the files in the background as the video is playing...sometimes you have to wait up to a minute for all the roms and covers to load after launching dig

    2.) put a kiosk/kids mode feature in the options that when someone very young or very old is navigating the roms,they don't get stuck in the menus at the top and accidentally click something,or just quit out of sheer frustration

    3.) allow vertical wheel placement so the user can make their setup look like hyperspin

    4.) allow the user to set the background for each emulator by naming a png file psx,png or gba.png ...this will allow users to use emulationstation themes if they modify them

    5.) allow users to modify what's shown on startup ....having too many options will scare kids and older folks..personally I'd like to hide everything except the systems option,so a child or older person only has to click once...but when I use it I can turn on the options for collections,genres etc... ie allow the user to hide everything even the options menu if they wanted to...but show the options menu by holding down a button for 10 seconds ...and from the options menu they can decide what should be on the front page of the frontend

    6.) dig has become my goto frontend on my tablet,and on the nvidia shield tv...on the shield tv allow the user to show their favourite games and not just last played...personally I like the emulator,but I have a hard time convincing others to use it no matter how beautiful I make it look...largely because the frontpage has too many uptions...and the shieldtv only shows last played..if it showed favourites..I could put games they'd like and they can access them with one click

    7.) allow the user to change the system when searching for boxart...this will help with wii virtual console games,since they're ports of snes,n64,neo geo ,genesis etc

  • Please, please, that DIG, never, never ever resemble the childish and excessive Hyperspin ...

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    :-D not saying it should resemble hyperspin,just saying it should have that option...or the option to look like emulationstation...which is more lightweight and ideal for android systems...

    When I say like Hyperspin ...I actually mean like Boxalloy Blue for emulationstation

    I love this theme from emulationstation too I've been trying to use it on Android ,dig is the closest I've come to pulling it off...if the wallpaper could be synched with the system name it would be perfect

  • Thanks for the suggestions! Some of them are already on my to do list, and #3 is now implemented in the beta version.

  • I'd love to be able to set it to start on the Favorites or Collections screen instead of the main screen. I generally end up going to Favorites first anyway.

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