Proposed changes to the premium feature model

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Instead of an all or nothing model, I'm thinking of letting users pick which features they want. You will be presented a list of all premium features and can pick any two or three for free, for example widgets and gamepad remapping. Each additional feature would be maybe 50 cents, up to to the current premium fee at which point all features would be unlocked. I think in the end this model will be better for everyone. Let me know what you think.

If you have already paid nothing will change unless you want to use the new model. In that case I can give you a refund provided you still have the receipt email.

In the meantime I won't be adding more features to the premium list.


  • I got the premium, how that's work ig i change my phone or uninstall app?

  • If you've already paid you don't have to do anything. You're set for life. No features will ever be blocked for you.

  • Thanks

  • I paid for premium just to show support.

    I was worried about how the free version would turn out but I like this ala cart model.

    Regardless I want all the options so Im happy paying in full.

    In the future I hope to see features explored more and hope this model pays off.

  • This sounds reasonable, but you should definitely keep the "unlock all" option available.

    Have you thought about having keeping your current free model, but being ad supported?

    I think that would be fine as long as the aren't too intrusive and the "remove all ads" is one of the purchase options?

    It might provide a more regular revenue stream.

    Or how about this:

    Along side they payment model you outlined above, have an opt in for ads that then allows an unlock of some of the premium features (I don't know if this is even possible)?

  • The basic version will always be ad-free but It's possible I might do something with users opting for ads instead of paying for premium features in the future.

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    I, without a doubt, would pay for a version that had a list of "Setup" of each system, with the cover, the snap, the rom and the data that would appear on screen, where you could choose to add, delete, change and modify the cover , the snap, the rom and the data. That I have not seen in any frontend and I think it would give a unique added value to DIG. Or at least, an xml or txt list that could be edited manually.

  • I love the product, and I've actually paid for it twice. I'm just miffed that I've tried every single way possible to get the premium unlock to work on the Fire Stick and absolutely nothing. It's driving me crazy. I would pay for the dad gum app every time i downloaded it, if I could JUST get it too work on my Fire Stick.

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    FNG here. I have a GPXD+ and had spent the last couple days of my available free time trying to set it up to use with Arc Browser, only to have it fail time and time again. Found DIG and in the last hour have gotten more done than I could accomplish before.

    The only input I would have to any premium model is to make the purchase process a bit easier. I have already purchased premium, but I kind of fell into it while fumbling around in the options tab/menu.

    If possible I'd recommend having a notice on the main page showing the status of the "account", something like "Free Version". If you click on it you get the option to purchase the program and it auto deselects that entry (but the user could easily select it to show "Premium" should they choose).

    I hope this makes sense......

  • I didn't paid already, but this idea is great!!! The most important feature for me is the custom themes!!! If I could select features to buy, this will be the first in my list 😄

  • Hi, I bought Dig because the free version is functional and has no advertising. This way I pay to support the development, but I don't expect special features "Premium".

    That said, I think what the payment model you suggest is great. Even get "Premium" in exchange for advertising. But the free version would keep it without advertising.

    Thank you very much and good work!

  • Well,since Ive been using Dig for a while now and tried my hand at theme making I thought its about time I upgrade to premium.


    So thanks Mr Dig dev for this wonderful app.

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