Theme editing help

I'm trying to edit this theme:

The text at the top of each page needs to be made white and the text selection/indicator needs be added back in. As is you cannot tell where your selection is. I was also hoping to remove the grey background behind the game cover art. I have tried changing the text color through the theme editor but nothing seems to affect the color of the text at the top of the screen and I do not see where the other options are.

Any help is appreciated!


  • There is an option called title bar tile there in the edit theme option, if you disable the text in the top bar it is black, and activated it is white. I made a theme and put the transparent icons on the toolbar and placed a bar below the backgrounds configured with the joystick symbols.

  • @Lbz3014 I appreciate your help!

    When I change the title bar text option under edit theme, it doesn't seem to do anything. I can change it from black to white, but no matter what theme I edit it doesn't actually change anything. If load up the default white theme, change it and save it, it's still black text. Even after exiting and going back in, the actual text stays the same color. If I start with the built in white theme, change it to the other option under edit theme, it does not change the text color. It will stay black. Other settings like the background color and such work normally.

    On another note, what about the cursor selection indicator? Any thoughts on that?

  • I think this is a limitation of the dig, the selection cursor is not able to decrease on the screen and the colors are in white or black. The only thing that can resolve is an update of the application by the developer.

  • You're saying it's a defect and doesn't work for anyone? How are other theme makers getting it changed?

  • I was able to change the toolbar color by editing the theme .cfg file. It originally had a color value saved in there. I changed it to "default" so it will accept whatever is option is chosen in theme settings.

    I'm still looking for guidance on fixing the cursor and grey backgrounds behind the game cover art. Any help from you themers out there is appreciated.

  • To fix the grey behind the cover art in the theme you are currently using go to "Options" - "Themes" - "Edit Themes" - At the top change "Default" to "Games" and go to "Cover Background" and at the bottom of the color window move the slider to transparent and hit select then "Save" which is right next to the word "Bundle".

  • @SephirothX2004 thank you! I had actually figured it out and was getting on here to update my progress. But I really appreciate your response. These forums are kinda slow.

    Now, about that cursor in the toolbar, I can't seem to even navigate to the toolbar using a controller anymore. I'm sure I'm not losing my mind and that I used to be able to navigate to the toolbar I just couldn't see my cursor or tell which option I was on while using the unified refried theme.

    Anyone familiar with these issues and how to resolve?

  • I have sorted most of my issues here except for the cursor selection color. Can any of the awesome theme makers out there tell me what part of the cfg file changes the cursor color?

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