Unified Refried remix

Port of Unified Refried 2.0 (Bigbox Launchbox) for DIG 

Submitted by EMUNATION


90 Systems Fully Supported 

(Cps I, II, III and WonderSwan/color 1nd Neo Geo Pocket/Color added as clone 1 to 5) 

First Clone 3 times the mame systems in order to have cps1 cps2 cps3

Secondly you clone the neogeo pocket in order to have the neogeo pocket color

Finally clone de the WonderSwan in order to have the WonderSwan color

Rename all of the clones with the correct name by longtouch the icons of the system you want to rename and selecting rename

Big Thanks to :

Unified Arkade for the Home Icons and games / infos systems Background (Dig Droid) 

Unified Refried for the videos background from his bigbox launchbox videos set (Bigbox Launchbox) 

Unified Refried for the Systems Icons

(Bigbox Launchbox)

Harryoke for the Home / Genre / options video background Gamesville Cinematic 1.0.0 (Bigbox Launchbox)

Download - 2.12GB



  • Good topic, but where did you find these beautiful videos with platforms ?, I'll try to make my own theme ;-)

  • Most of the videos are from Launchbox Bigbox theme.

  • Unfortunately I can not install this theme on my gpd xd and I do not understand why since I have a lot of free memory ... so far I had never had problems with any theme ... I am very sad because it is what I like most.

  • Hy sorry to hear that did you try on an clean Dig install?

  • I love this theme so much. It is very beautiful.

  • Thank you for the great theme @Emunation !

    Would you (or anyone) be kind enough to help me understand how to make 3 minor adjustments to this theme?

    I need to change the the text at the top of the screen to white because it is very hard to see as it is in black. I also wanted to add the text selection color on those pages as well. Currently there is no way to tell which menu option you're on. Lastly, how would I be able to remove the gray background behind the games box art?

    Thank you in advance to anyone able to help me with editing this theme.

  • Obrigada muito show esse tema não tem o que mexer na está excelente

  • Hello. Props for a beautiful theme. However, I cannot install it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I've installed other themes. It gives the error "Failed to install theme" while copying Systems System backgrounds (videos). The error happens when it's copying the Jaguar video and stops the installation with the error message. I have also installed it on my other phone with the exact same .zip setup file. I copied the setup file from that phone to make sure the file wasn't corrupted or something. There is about 15 gb free space on the Note 4. I don't know what the problem could be here. I'd appreciate any help.

  • I ended up copying installed theme files from my other phone to Samsung and it worked.

  • I have two gripes about using this theme.

    1. I cannot find a way to change the the top text and symbols color. This might also be a lack of options in DIG but the backgrounds are dark and the text is also black, so they don't show.
    2. The text on game info when you click on games also have a similar problem. Not as severe as the first one. But still black text on dark backgrounds. I can change this in the options I think though I didn't find a color to work for all as the blurred backgrounds have both very light and very dark spots. I can still read the text if I scroll. I think a solid color background would work better but that's just my opinion. Like black text on gray or light gray text on dark gray.
  • I'm getting the same "failed to install theme" error on this one. All other themes work fine. I tried extracting the files and copying them over into the appropriate place, but when I try selecting the theme it loads without any assets. Just tried uninstalling and reinstalling Dig to no avail. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

  • Can you make it show gameplay of the game you selected if you can please add that

  • edited May 17

    Enable the preview pane and then tick the play videos box to add this feature to any theme.

  • amazing Theme i love it what songs do you use tho i really like them

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