Damon ps2

The Damon ps2 emulator is not opening keeps saying error and to email you


  • I don't yet have a device capable of running so I couldn't test the parameters I used. If anyone knows the correct Intent parameters please post them!

  • What do input in the point it to damon PS2 stressed lol

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    Same problem here...

    Since March 2019 and the developer still did not add support for PS2 emulation?. What is going on here?. If I purchase an app I expect the app to do it's only job: show roms / ISOs and pass them properly to the emulator.

    Will this be fixed someday.. this year?.

  • I am still unable to install Damon PS2 Pro myself. If anyone who can is willing please install this app (or similar) and post all the activities listed for DPS2pro:


  • According to ETA Prime, it has more to do with Android than it does Dig.

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    Thanks for support dev.

    I could purchase DamonPS2 and follow your suggestion only and ONLY if someone could guarantee me that I can run a PS2 ISO using a tablet with 2 GB RAM. I just don't want to lose money on that purchase to not be able to run PS2 games; I don't know the hardware requirements to run DamonPS2 and PS2 games. I don't know how to use the free version of DamonPS2 to run a game...

    If helpful: I can run heavy PSP and Dreamcast games not at 60 fps but at very enjoyable framerate.

    Excuse me, what do you mean with "Prime"?. I'm beginner with console emulation and RetroArch on Android.

  • ETA Prime is a youtube personality/channel. He does reviews of all the various devices and how well they do with emulation. In one of his most recent device tests (Googel Pixel maybe?) he said it seems Damon PS2 won't run on the latest Android build.

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    And how do I "post" all the activities listed in APKAnalyzer?. I don't see any feature to export it or anything else.

    I purchased DamonPS2 Pro, I installed APKAnalyzer. And after APKAnalyzer was installed I tried to run some games using dig, and tried to run a game in DamonPS2 app. Now, what and how I should do in order to be of help?.

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    Is this what you ask for?, I used a different apk analyzer app because in the one you mentioned the activities list for DamonPS2 was too huge / detailed, with tons of scrolling down, making it unviable to take a screenshot.

  • Thanks! I was hoping someone who already had it installed would do this, but since nobody did thank you for purchasing it. If I understand the lock icon correctly DPS2Pro has only two publicly accessible activities:



    The latter seems to be some sort of WeChat plugin so that likely isn't it. If you or anyone would like to try editing the emulator and use the SplashActivity please let me know how it goes.

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    Yes, the green padlocks means accessible / unlocked, although I have no idea what the activities are and means in Android programming terminology.

    Editing the emulator to use WXEntryActivity throws the typical error message in Dig when attempting to load a game: "Oops, something was wrong send me a message to blahblah@blah.com"... something like that.

    Editing the emulator to use SplashActivity opens the Damonps2 PRO GUI, but it does not automatically loads the selected game from Dig. Tested with zipped and unzipped (ISO and BIN) games.

    The ideal thing of course wold be that Dig could automate the loading of the selected ISO in Damonps2, anyway is not a critical problem since in Damonps2 GUI there is a library of games from a directory of uncompressed ISOs that you specify in this emulator. However for zipped ps2 ISOs Dig in its current state becomes useless since it just decompress the ISO and opens Damonps2 GUI but the uncompressed game is not added / uncompressed in the library folder, so there is no available game to load in Damonps2...

    I don't know whether Damonsp2 accepts "command-line" arguments, but I think a possible solution would be to let Dig decompress the zipped ps2 ISO in the specified path for library games in the Damonps2 settings, because otherwise Dig is useless for the reason I already explained.

    I don't know where Damonps2 saves its settings, I searched on the files of my internal storage and sd card with no luck. Anyways can you tell me please at which directory Dig temporary extracts ISOs?, so I can use that directory as my PS2 games library in Damonps2 settings to do the trick.

    Maybe you could add an option for Damonps2 when editing the emulator in Dig, to be able specify the temporary zip extraction directory path for ps2 zipped ISOs.

    Anyways for uncompressed PS2 games Dig will still be a problem unless you find a way to automate iso loading in damonps2, or copy the entire ISO / bin+cue files to the games library path specified in damonps2 settings to let this emulator recognize the game and then manually select it and run it.

    If I can do something more to help you, just say it.

    Thanks for support. And please, check this when you can: https://digdroid.com/forums/discussion/9086/arcade-mame-covers-are-recognized-as-screenshots-too

  • Dev, can you help please...?

  • Games are unzipped to Android/data/com.digdroid.alman.dig/files/tmp on the temporary storage device specified in Device options.

    I tried contacting the author about a way to launch games but got no response. I'll try to think of some workaround.

  • I have this installed and could run tests if needed.

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