Based on XBMC Emustation, featuring support for over 100 systems each with its own music. Hope you like it.

Submitted by chalotron - chalotron79@gmail.com

With music - 504 MB


No Music - 133 MB



  • Hi. Great Theme, i love it.

    I have a problem, when i use it i can't access system and games with my controller, but on the original dig i can. Someone know who to solve this problem??

  • Yeah hi, for some reason all the game names on my frontend say, "Are You My Mother?" This isn't happening with any of my other frontends.

    Other than that, it's my favorite front-end.

  • would it be possible to change the icons for select back bottoms for something more like the letters in the titles?

    thanks :D

  • It seems it's an issue with the display format "list" which is the default for this theme . I've reported it to the dev so hopefully fixed soon. Alternatively you can change the display format using the view as option to any of the alternatives and it displays fine, I recommend vertical as the next best alternative.

  • edited December 2020

    Dig can you fix this bug please ? cause this Theme is very nice for many people, Thx in advance !

  • Version 1.2 of this theme is now available.

    Not sure when the dev is gonna get this list view bug stomped on, so in lieu of a fix I decided to give the theme a tweak which ended up being a near total overhaul now using a different view option unaffected by the bug. The benefit of this is that the theme now much more closely resembles it's original inspiration and in my opinion looks heaps better for it. Hope you all like it.


  • Know this is an old thread but just press the three dots on the right top corner. Choose "View as" and the "Configure". Unmark "show only icons" and you're done

  • I was ready to abandon this theme until I saw your comment. Thanks for posting the solution. Hope others came back a year later to see this.

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