Colorful Emunation

Colorful Emunation v1.0 HD video background 90 systems supported

Submitted by EMUNATION

Credits : Ultimate Gamer for the Home Icons

Vikings Nostalgia for the videos background from his bigbox launchbox set (Colorfull and Vikings Nostalgia)

Unified Refried for the Systems Icons

(Bigbox Launchbox) 

Download - 2.36GB


  • Video are from Launchbox Bigbox Forum thanks to them

  • Hello. This theme doesn't seem to work. Can you please fix it? Thanks.

  • Can you clarify? "Doesn't seem to work" doea not give information on what needs to be fixed.

  • Mahare, I don't know what needs to be fixed. When I use the theme in Dig, it says something like, "Theme cannot be read" or something like that.

  • Well, the developer has abandoned the forums so you're not likely to get any official technical support. But I can say from my non-Dig related technical support that the more specific the message you can provide the better. Exact error messages are better than "something like that" and screenshots are even better than that I've found. Given this is an over 2GB file it's not something the average person can quickly download to troubleshoot this for you.

  • What do you mean, it only takes 4 minutes to download. It doesn't take something like 2 hours to download. Or maybe my computer is just fast at downloading. I don't know.

  • You cannot judge everyone's internet speed on your own...

  • edited May 2020

    Was working great, but the theme keeps disappearing while tinkering with different roms, retroarch and settings. Not sure what specifically is causing the error, but it will just show a dark background with blocks for the systems. When I go to theme options the text is blanked out as if it never existed. Stays like this even if I close the app or reset my phone. I have to re-install and re-load the theme to get it working again. Anyone have a similar experience and know a fix? I'll try to get a screenshot next time. My device is a Galaxy s10+.

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