Version history 1.01 - 1.20

1.20 - 27 June 2018

* Now you can rate games and optionally share your ratings and game stats with the Dig community. Community ratings and stats will displayed in the next update.

Note: If your device is rooted you won't be able to share your ratings and stats for security reasons

* You can configure what is displayed in game pages

* The usual miscellany

1.19 - 16 June 2018

* Backup and restore: backup your data files to a file or a service (such as Google Drive), restore to the save device or a new one

* .zip files were not fully examined until now, causing some not be recognized as games. Doing a manual scan will find such missing games

* By populard demand an ingore systsm option added

* The usual round of fixes and minor improvements

1.18 - 28 May 2018

* Custom themes now may have background images, videos, and sounds

* Unlimited custom themes

* Arcade image downloading fixed

1.17 - 11 May 2018

* Game & Watch added

* Background image option added

* Auto-start Dig on device boot option added

* a few more minor improvements

1.16 - 2 May 2018

* Color themes broke highlighting for gamepad users. Fixed. Sorry about that.

* Systems can be viewed as a list and be renamed

* Lists can be resized

* Some stability improvements

* The beginnings of a FAQ

1.14 - 8 April 2018

* Color themes

* Spanish translation added

1.13 - 1 April 2018

* Atari 800 family of computers added

* Italian translation added

* More bug fixes

1.12 - 24 March 2018

* Android added

* Importing game images

* Better handling of SD card swapping

* Various other bug fixes and improvement

1.11 - 15 March 2018

* Search for missing game covers on your device or the net. Long touch a game icon for options

* Replace system icons with your own. Again, long touch an a icon

* Atari Jaguar added

* Several other user requested fixes and improvements. Keep them coming!

1.10 - 6 March 2018

Support added for: SCUMM, Atari 5200, Sega SG-1000, Apple II, Atari ST

1.09 - 28 Feb 2018

DOS support added

1.08 - 22 Feb 2018

* Experimental Android TV & gamepad support

* Neo Geo support fixed

* Magnavox Odyssey 2 support added

1.07 - 17 Feb 2018

Merged game sets. Games with multiple files, such as multi-disk games and multiple game variants, can be viewed as a single game


* Amiga support added

1.05 - 9 Feb 2018

* Launch games right from your Android homescreen! Select the game(s) you want to put on the homescreen in the game menu then add a Dig widget for each one

* Add notes for each game

1.04 - 5 Feb 2018

* Intellivision and Commodore VIC-20 (carts only) setup now automated. Look for more MESS emulated systems in the future

* Possible(?) fix for Android 8 issues

1.03 - 1 Feb 2018

* When you take a screen shot in RetroArch it will be used as the game's image

1.02a - 29 Jan 2018

* Crash bug fix

* Navigating by screen swiping

1.02 - 27 Jan 2018

* The genre list can be edited; long touch a genre name to rename or delete it

* The list of genres games belong to can be edited

* Two new game list views added - list and "just titles"

Some cover images may be unavailable for a number of minutes as Dig does some internal reorganization

1.01 - 20 Jan 2018

* Much better response switching between screens

* Various minor improvements and bug fixes


  • Exploring version history from 1.01 to 1.20 triggers reflections on software evolution. One may envision a journey of enhancements, bug fixes, and feature additions. The answer lies in decoding the incremental improvements, anticipating a more refined and robust user experience with each successive iteration.


  • Encountering Version history 1.01 - 1.20 might prompt thoughts about software updates, bug fixes, and feature enhancements. One might reflect on the evolution of the product, anticipating improvements and considering the value of staying up-to-date with the latest releases for optimal performance and user experience.


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