Privacy policy

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File Access

To find games on your device Dig examines the names (and ZIP file CRCs) of all files in your device's shared areas. All files that do not match a game in its database are ignored. File names that do match a game are stored in a database on your device for use in the Dig app and are not stored or transmitted anywhere else. At no time are the contents of any file examined. File matching is done on entirely on your device – no file names or other information is sent to an external server.


If you opt-in to share your game ratings and/or play stats this information is transmitted to and stored on an external server. No personal information or other information that can be used to identify the user or user’s device is transmitted or stored.

To download game cover images and upload game ratings and stats Dig needs access to your Internet connection.

Microphone / Record Audio

To use the voice search function (“Digger”), Dig captures audio when, and only when, Digger is activated. The audio is sent to Google to convert into text. Dig does not store, use for anything else, or transmit anywhere else the captured audio or the converted text. Please also consult Google’s privacy policies with respect to voice recognition.

No other information is collected, stored, or transmitted anywhere.

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